Sleep Apnea Aids

According to the national sleep center and foundation, there are about 18 million people in the USA suffering from Sleep apnea. Symptoms range from never-ending snoring to trouble concentrating. If this situation is left untreated, it can become pretty serious. Patients may develop high blood pressure, face congestive heart problem, and even enter a state of depression. Getting medical attention is a must. While waiting for your doctor’s appointment, there are few supports you can try at home.

Nasal strips

Free of any medication, nasal strips are a cost-friendly option when it comes to combating sleep apnea. Users just peel the backing off the strips and locate them on the nose to keep airways open. It is vital to watch and dry the skin on the nose beforehand, as the adhesive would not fit well if the skin is oily. Just leave the strips on until morning.


Humidifiers are remarkable to use in mixture with other aids. These handy gadgets return moisture to the air. In turn, the air stops nasal congestion and mouth dryness which contribute to snoring. Rush University Medical Center advises using distilled water with humidifiers and replacing the filter regularly to stop bacteria and mold growth. Also, ensure you fully dry the machine out before putting it away.

CPAC machine

This machine is also used at night. The user wears a mask that forces air into the body, keeping the airways clear and open. Some systems have a mask that just covers a person’s nose while another one that goes over both the mouth and the nose. Finding one that is relaxed and the best fit is very important. In some case, the insurance company covers the cost of this gadget if the patient has an instruction from the doctor.

Sleep apnea pillow

Since snoring is a large part of this situation, it makes sense to try a unique pillow that is designed to keep you from rolling on your back. This position generally leads to heavy breathing and permits to tongue to fall back and block the throat. The pillow puts the jaw forward and attracts resting on one’s side.

Oral appliance

One wears this mouthpiece at night when going to sleep disorder doctor md. In this procedure, a dental impression kit customizing the mouth guard. Just ensure the oral appliance is verified for use by the Drug and Food Administration.

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