The Do’s And Don’ts of Child Custody

Child custody is a very difficult and hard battle for the concerned parents. Both the parents want to be a part of the child’s life and the thought of losing custodial rights with child custody attorney leave both the parents horror-struck. You are in middle of child custody battle we sure to keep in mind these do’s and don’ts in helping win your child custody case.


1) Hire a child custody attorney to help you earn your parental rights. An attorney can advise you in the best way possible and also help you in negotiating and getting court approvals.

2) Remain involved in your child’s life. This will help you in strengthening your relationship with your child while at the same time depict you as an involved and responsible parent in the eyes of the jury.

3) Co-parent with your ex. Even though at some level you and your ex may not like each other but put aside your feelings and cooperate with each other in raising your kid. This will be in the best interest of your child and also make the child custody process smoother.

4) Learn about child custody is best to know as much information as you can about child custody, parental rights and visitation, and child custody attorney. Gather as much information as you can in helping you put your best foot forward and winning custodial rights.

4) Act in accordance with court orders. If any temporary court orders involving visitation or child support are given by the judge abide by them. This will paint a positive picture of you in the eyes of the judge.

5) Manage your documents. Keep your documents and records organized. If you feel that your ex-partner cannot be a good parent that you should have some concrete evidence, records and documents that you can show in court.


1) Don’t bad mouth your ex-partner. If you criticize your ex-partner behind their backs this will leave a bad impact on your child while at the same time show you as an irresponsible and petty parent. It is in the best interest of the child if both parents remain friendly with each other.

2) Don’t delay, defer or postpone any kind of child custody evaluation meeting with a court appointed evaluator. And also don’t cancel or be late to visitation hours you have with your child. This will dishearten your child while at the same time can be used against you in court and leave a negative impression in front of the jury.

3) Don’t try to control your child and compel him against your ex-partner. This will emotionally upset your child while at the same time show you as a bad parent. Both parents play a key role in the normal upbringing of a child.

4) Don’t try to get in the way your ex-partner’s visitation hours. You need to show that you are willing to work with your ex-partner in front of the court if you want to win a custody battle with the best divorce lawyer.

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