What Helps More in Losing Weight?Diet or Exercise?

When was the last time you read an article or watched a tutorial that stated what you should do in order to lose weight, and it mentioned only diet or exercise, not both? You will think for a while before answering this question because indeed both things go hand in hand. But this article puts these two under an argumentative investigation; is a balanced diet plan more pertinent to the cause than weight loss exercise programs? Let us find out!

Contribution of Diet

Diet is the section where you build up energy in your body to spend later on. The point to consider is what kind of food do you use to build up that energy? Fatty food drenched in oil and meaty delights are always more tempting than eating leaves, but the kind of energy they provide is through fats that contribute more to increasing your fat mass than giving you energy.

You know you cannot survive without eating or drinking, but you also need to make sure you do not stuff yourself every time you sit down to eat, so striking that balance to obtain a perfect diet plan is very significant to losing weight. If you work out intensively every day and end each day with a grilled cheese sandwich with fries, the overall impact of the workout will reduce quite considerably.

That being said, how, when, and what you eat are what you need to strike a balance in. That’s what a balanced diet plan is.If you simply stop eating, then you will have no energy for the workout and your overall result will be harmful instead.

Contribution of Exercises

This is the section where you spend the stored energy, and is often confused to be the only aspect to losing weight and building an aesthetic figure. Although that argument is wrong, it is not wrong to say that without exercise you will not get the kind of perfect figure you imagine.

Exercise is supposed to help you not only in shedding some of the fat from the flabby parts of your body, but also in replacing that space by the fat with increased muscle mass. Once the muscle mass makes the substitute, it gets harder for the fat to return, so that is a major plus point of making your workout exercise intensive.

In addition, exercise is a straighter method of tacking the dilemma; if you want slimmer arms, exercise for the arms etc. The biggest flaw is that not everyone is motivated to carry out regular physical exercise because at the end of the day, it is quite demanding.


So, what do you think is the way to go for the best results, diet or exercise? Our answer is what you expect it to be: a balance of both!

Whether you decide to use a balanced diet plan or weight loss exercise programs more intensively, you cannot simply isolate one from the other. When it comes to weight loss, maintaining a balance is more important than any upcoming step.

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