People believe that it is very difficult for someone to come out of mental disorder than to come out of physical problems. This belief is almost correct also. There are so many reasons for this some of them are discussed below.

The first and the foremost reason is that people with mental problems show reluctance to open their mind to their relatives or friends thinking that they will be looked down. But when any physical problem arises everyone immeidatelty rushes to the nearest hospital and consult specialist doctors without any hesitation.

Everybody covers up mental problems: Mental problems causes a lot of pain to the persons involved and they are always covering it up so that nobody notices it. But in the case of a physical illness even if the symptoms of the disease are not visible outside, the patient does not hesitate to inform it to others and get appropriate medications.

The difference

People think physical pains as something which is unbearable. So they go for some kind of treatment sooner or later.   On the other hand they consider mental pain or difficulties are not very important or negligible. They also feel that with such pain they are supposed to live suppressing them. People also think that mental pain or suffering from illness comes as a result of incapability or inefficiency of the person concerned.

Response from others

If a person starts opening his mind and tells the mental problems faced by him, people start compelling them to go to hospitals. Instead of giving an empathetic hearing they start blaming them for what has occurred. This advice becomes counterproductive in psychological illness. This improper behaviour of supporters makes them feel disgusted and therefore most people do not go for such advice and even if they go they will not open their mind.

The internet

Though the social situation is like this, the emergence of internet has opened a new avenue for such people to open their mind and get necessary support and guidance. There are some groups which give counselling for psychological patients. The patients with any psychological problem can open up their mind here without being making them public. There are also some good literature which will give information about depression and the best available treatment options.


Everybody’s life experience taking place in one’s mind is dependent upon a number of factors. They need to develop some ability by which they can detach themselves from the inner feelings developing in them. This can be achieved by practising meditation. If their body is carrying some trauma, they may need medical intervention like working with a therapist or a healer.


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