The knee pain treatment has been very essential in the present day of increasing knee problems. There are a number of reasons that may lead to the knee pains. It may vary from as simple as a sudden shock that may cause some injury or as major as in orthopedic cases. If you are one those patients who are suffering from such knee pains then you are at the right place. This article describes the various homemade treatment of the knee pains caused due to different reasons.

Knee Pain Treatments

Here are some home treatments that may help you in getting some relief from the knee pain that you are suffering from for a long time. These homely treatments may help in relieving pain, swelling and stiffness.

  • Resting: Resting or staying away from the activities that are causing your knee to sore or pain may prove to be a great help to you. Also do not forget to put a small pillow under your knees when you are resting.
  • Put ice: Putting some ice on the injured area helps a lot in reducing the pain and swelling of the knee. Apply the ice for at least ten to twenty minutes. Carry on the process for three times a day.

While you are applying ice on the injured area of your knee you must elevate the area over a pillow. You can apply ice at any time while you are sitting or lying down. You must try to keep the area at or over the level of your heart in order to minimize swelling.

  • Caring of yourself: For the first forty-eight hours of injury you must not exercise such things that may cause increase the swelling of the injured area. For example: avoid hot showers, hot tubs or alcoholic beverages. You should avoid climbing of stairs and folding of your legs randomly during this time period.
  • Reduce stress on the sore knee: You must not put your knees to stress in order to find a fast relief from the swelling or the pain. You may carry a crutch or cane on the opposite hand of that of the injured knee.

These were the steps that you may follow to get a relief from the knee pain. If your knee pain persists for over a period of a week or so you must visit a doctor. Orthopedic doctors woodbridge va would guide you in the right way in case any damage has occurred on the bones of the knees. You must not neglect such things as it may prove to be harmful in future days.

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