Social media and college students are going hand in hand, thanks to the advent of technology, negative effects of social media has become an essential part in all of our lives. Irrespective of age and background the whole world seems to be hooked on to social media and its various offerings. There are so many things available on the net right now that people are on the verge of addiction. Though we understand that social media and the internet is an essential part of today’s lifestyle and brings the world closer and makes things more accessible. However, there are various negative effects of social media that one needs to take into consideration and handle with care.

Here are the top 3 Negative effect of Social Media on Students

No screening:

There is no screening or filter available on the internet. As a parent one needs to be extra careful that what information or data, kids who are students are exposed to. As a parent, they have to be cautious in terms of what their kids are watching and what information they are being exposed to. One need to understand that anything and everything is uploaded on the social media is not good for children. There are some pictures and data updated on the net, can cause major negative effect on students. These data are not suitable for children view and consumption. As these things are already on the social media, so parents have very little scope to monitor the same.

Creates Pressure:

Students are passing through a phase when they get easily influenced by things around them. They see how others behave and want to emulate them or be like them. In case of social media, there are many people who have various kinds of profiles listed on the internet and most of which are not even true. As a child, they get easily influenced by these profiles and starts believing in the set of lies that other create. As a result, this creates peer pressure on the children, and they start getting depressed.

Lack of Security:

Social media is a platform where people share their daily lifestyle activities, which can cause threat for the security of the children. If someone is tracking any student and want to kidnap or cause some harm to the students, then they need to do is simply track the activity on social media where they can track every single movement of the particular student. This is a huge negative effect of social media on students.

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