Everyone wants a rewarding career. Everyone wants a career that will help them earn money and respect in the society. However, finding that dream career does not happen in everybody’s life. Many people settle with a career which may be rewarding but not appeasing. Many people struggle all throughout their working life only because they made a wrong choice at the beginning of their career.

Here are some tips that will stop you from these common potholes and let you choose a career that will help you lead a happy and contended life.

Assess yourself

This is the most important part of career planning. What is it that makes you happy? Is it money or is it the satisfaction of being able to do something creative? What is it that turns you on? If being creative turns you on, you should try a career in creative things like interior designing, advertising specialist, writing or even architecture.  However, if it is money that gives you all the happiness in life, a career as a businessman should be your choice at the end of the day.

 Get yourself trained

No matter how passionate you may be about a particular career option, unless you are trained in that field, you would never have a rewarding career. Be it a career in engineering or medical field or a career in art restoration, you would need to enhance your knowledge and skills before you plunge into that career.

Set short and long term goals

Unless and until you have a goal in front of you, it would never be possible for you to decide on a career and succeed with it. You will have to be very realistic while you set the goals.  If you set a goal of buying a charter plane at the end of first year of doing jobs that would possibly require you to choose a career in the mafia world. Setting realistic and pragmatic goals will help you decide on the right career path as you would know what you have to expect from your career and your job.

Compare and decide

Now that you have assessed yourself, got yourself trained and are aware about what you want in your life, it is the time to make the choice of your career. Grade all the available career options in terms of values, income scopes, interest levels, required skills and make your choice. Unless you were untrue to yourself anywhere, in all likeliness you would land up with the dream career that would give you all that you had wanted from your life.

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