When temperatures rises and your air conditioning system stop working, you require an immediate solution. While lot of air conditioning repairs needs a help from professional, house owners can resolve few common air conditioner problems themselves in place of calling any experts or professional from any reputed company of HVAC repairing. Even after that the problem does not resolve then you will have to think that it is a problem of the faulty compressor or motor and requires the help of heating tune up services.

Condenser not working

In the event of condenser of your air conditioner unit not working properly, you should first verify whether the unit is plugged in for steady flow of power. If that is the case, then check for a tripped circuit breaker or a blown out fuse. Then resume the supply of power and find whether it starts or not. The other probable cause for stopping of the AC machine is the thermostat not being set in proper position. If that be the case, then you should lower the thermostat a little bit and check whether the same kicks on.

Insufficient cooling

In case of central air conditioning system appears does not cooling your house sufficiently, you will have lower the thermostat by five degrees in order to see whether it starts or not. If that also fails to resolve the problem then it has to be interpreted that you have an over-sized air conditioner. You should also take notice of the fact that any extreme temperature of a hot day might hinder the effectiveness of your unit. In case of temperature rising above 100 degrees, you might not be able to get sixty two degrees within your room, particularly in case of having number of windows permitting the heat to enter from outside. In such case for air conditioner troubleshooting in Virginia, you should take some professional help.

Unit operates but without cooling

In case it is found that your AC is working but you are not getting sufficient cool air, then also you should check your thermostat. Thereafter, you should also check the condenser for finding out whether it is blocked with dirt or not. If that be the case, then you should clean the dirt and get rid of the blockage. The condenser could be blocked by grass, tall weeds or other types of airborne debris. A defective compressor or an insufficient quantity of refrigerant within the system could be the cause of blockage also. In that event also you need the help of AC tune up services.

When to ask for the professional help

Cleaning your unit of air conditioner is a thing that you can perform on your own; however, you must have some basic knowledge regarding the accessories of the unit. However, when you require solving the problem of the coolant, then you should ask the professional help of any HVAC contractor. In the event you have already taken up some measures for air conditioner troubleshooting in Virginia, then you should contact a reputed HVAC contractor.

The author is a refrigeration engineer by profession and has immense knowledge about air conditioner troubleshooting and wide experience about AC tune up services.

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