The hair coloring industry is full of misconceptions and myths, same is the case with balayage hair highlights. Balayage hair style is pretty common these days, almost everyone around the world is opting for it. Chances are high that you must have come cross at least one person with balayage hair.

Things to know about balayage hair highlights

1. It doesn’t get close to scalp

This is probably the most common misconception of all, and because people are so scared that this will happen and their hair will look like a fake wig, they don’t go for balayage color. On the contrary to this, the artist can get as close to the scalp as you require, even closer than foils. What you need to understand is that, this is a free hand technique, which means that the artic is working with his or her hands, and a brush. He or she can go as deep or stay as remote as they please, or as the client requires. The experts are trained to check under the section or see if they have left any part undone, because they don’t want to get the marbleized effect you get with uneven application.

2. It doesn’t mean painting:

because this technique has been associated with the word painting, people have been having the misconception that it’s like painting the hair, but in fact the whole this is about sweeping the dye in your hair like in feathery motion. This manner leaves your hair with a very natural look. Balayage literally translates to “sweep” in French. Hence the name. The brush and the backing board is just like any other tool that is used to highlight the hair. Like foiling doesn’t mean that you are cooking your hair, and needle and cap doesn’t mean you are sewing your hair, likewise the brush doesn’t mean you are painting.

3. It’s not just for blondes

Just like pink isn’t only for girls or blue isn’t only for boys, balayage highlights aren’t for blondes only. Everyone can get every style done to their hair as long as they get it done by a proper expert. The beauty of balayage is that it can be done on any kind of hair, be it long or short, or any color from red to the blackest of black. In fact, famous experts use more brunette and red hair for balayage than blondes, because one shade hair resembles a wig, the more shades you have the better your hair will look. With long and dark hair balayage can add the illusion of volume even.

4. You should have a clean hair on the day of coloring:

Though this may be right for a lot of hair styles but it’s not true for balayage. If you are going for balayage you shouldn’t shower the day before, the natural oil in your hair will protect the scalp from the chemicals of balayage. Most people believe that you should wash your hair before so, that afterwards you will only have to condition, this isn’t the right practice, the natural oil of the hair will keep the hair root from damaging, it will, also become a natural shield against your scalp.

5. Cut first than color

With most of the color treatments the client goes and gets the color, then cut and then blow-dry, where as in balayage you should get your hair cut first, so that your stylist can work according to the cut of your hair, if you do the opposite. Then chances are you will get the lighter part of balayage hair highlight chopped off to get your desired hair color.

6. Cost

Another misconception that people may have is that Balayage hair style will cost just as much as the foil and cap ones. This is a huge mis-concept. Since balayage isn’t a technique like foiling, it’s an art form. And its takes great practice and patience to do it. Not everyone is an expert, so it may cost more than the usual highlights. The end results are also drastically different than the normal highlights.

I would suggest that if you want to go for balayage hair highlights rockville md you should really explore a bit and then get your balayage style don’t by an expert.

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