Almost all construction projects need transportation and lifting of heavy materials, hauling and other out of man’s boundary work. Selecting the right type of crane for rent can be dauntingly complex and highly relevant to suit your construction projects.

There is an enormous variety of heavy machinery, particularly the cranes, each designed for a specific use. Deciding the right type of rent crane truck can be an overwhelming task as the range of options available is endless.

Here we will help you to consider a few points while searching for an appropriate crane for your designated job/work type.

Factors You Should Consider While Choosing a Crane for Rent

If you are sure that the operation is effective and safe due to right selection of rented crane truck, you can ensure the efficiency, safety and cost of the overall project. To choose the best type of crane for the job at hand, you need to consider the following factors and analyze critically.

  1. The total weight of the load
  2. Better know that if the clearance height is under the ceiling
  3. The height of hook that is required to lift associated equipment
  4. Measure the distance from jib head to the hook if suitable for your working design
  5. Note the height of obstructions between crane and the load to be lifted
  6. The number of obstructions that may come in the way of crane when setting up
  7. Measure the required boom length
  8. Check the ground selected for working of crane if it is supportive enough for the type of operation you have decided
  9. Last but not the least; access the entrance and leaving pathways/ sites of the crane to avoid some potentially dangerous and expensive issues.
  10. Why the size and weight of the material to be lifted, and the duration of job matters?

Crane rental tips

Rent crane trucks have different capacities, specifications, and functionalities. Understanding more about your project will help you to select right equipment that is much capable of meeting your projects demands in shorter span with more profit.

The best way to analyze and understand the crane’s structural strengths, capabilities and dimensions are to review Load charts. Also, learning more about other features of cranes, like a gross weight that it can lift, boom length and rated capacity is beneficial for your working estimates.

Calculating all these will help you avoid selecting a crane for rent with too little capacity and also ensures a perfect fit into your job site with no obstructions. Altogether these factors maximize the plan success and profit of the overall project.

Transportation of the Equipment

By different transportation methods, cranes are broadly classified in various categories. Most common ones include Tower cranes, Rough Terrain or the Crawler cranes and the Mobile Cranes. The transportation of the equipment is a matter of critical consideration as it may require a permit for City and State laws for heavy equipment.

Construction Site Requirements

While looking for the crane for rent, the terrain and condition of the construction site are essential to be noted. Also, understanding of spatial constraints, ground conditions of your site and even the weather conditions give you a glimpse of the right type of crane which will be capable of meeting your objectives with efficiency.

If your designed work requires precise delivery and flexibility in tight spaces, you have to rent a mini-crane that suits you the best. So, the degree of mobility also has to be defined in such a delicate kind of work.

Type of the Load to Be Lifted

Along with various other critical factors, another important part is to determine the kind of weight that is required to be lifted during construction. It has to include the type of material and also the package that carry all these materials to the working site.

Even the state of material to be lifted is critical as the liquid inside a tank will possibly undergo dramatically different movements than tightly packed solid objects. So, critical analyzation of everything is vital to select the right type of crane for your construction site.

Choosing the correct rent crane truck VA will make working increasingly easy for you!

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