A kitchen countertop is a horizontal surface in kitchens usually consisting of a hard surface made of marble, granite, quartz etc.  This flat surface is used for the preparation of food and for the various tasks involved in preparing the food inside the kitchen. The height of this surface of kitchen countertop is fixed by the granite countertop companies considering various aspects like the  various types of food to be prepared, height of the person who is often carrying out the food preparation and the related activities.

Benefits of granite countertops

They are often supported by cabinets. Granite is the most preferred material for making kitchen counters as it has a lot of plus points and admiration among the home users. In this article I am going to consider some important points regarding the cleaning of granite kitchen countertops and how to keep them as attractive as they were in the beginning.

Never leave countertops with spills on them

Timely cleaning of spills is an important aspect which has to be done meticulously to keep the granite top free from stains.  Sometimes people who are tired may bump some juices or similar things on the kitchen countertop. Clean it immediately. Sometimes you may spill some coffee in the rush to attend a pre scheduled meeting in your office. Clean it immediately as it will take only a few minutes.  If such earnestness can be shown always, no doubt your kitchen countertop will always remains as fresh as it was in the beginning.

Make it a habit to clean countertops daily

Everyone usually does general cleaning. During cleaning time one does not focus on one particular room alone. When cleaning kitchen countertops one should take special care to use the most effective products. Dish liquid contained in spray bottle and warm water will be enough. First spray it gently on the counter top and then wipe it thoroughly using a cleaning cloth.    After finishing the cleaning rinse the countertop using   water and let it dry. After that a last time wiping can be done using a soft and dry towel. Special products of cleaning marble and granite is available in the market.  You can also buy and use them also if found necessary.

Use baking soda for cleaning it complete

When you find that the marble or granite countertops contain dirt and stain you can use baking soda to clear them completely.   Take some baking soda and mix it with water and spray it over the areas where dirt is still remaining or where you think is having more dirt. Let it remain there for 24 hours. For this you can cover the area with a sheet of plastic or some suitable material so that they remain there without any change.  After 24   hours remove the plastic wrap and clean it thoroughly as detailed in the paragraph just above this paragraph.

Use a sealant for preventing staining

Often marble and granite countertops are installed with a sealant. It is better you ask the installer whether the countertop has been correctly applied with a sealant.    This will prevent stains being occurring on the countertop.  Even if it is sealed you should be prepared for using the sealant  every year for resealing your kitchen countertop.  If the countertop is of light color one may need to reseal it every six months to prevent stains getting onto it.

Use kitchen accessories to prevent staining

Using coasters or small plates is a good method to prevent staining. When you know that something is going to remain on the countertop for more than a few minutes, use kitchen accessories to prevent the possible staining.   One may think that placing a hot cup of coffee will not make any harm to the countertop. But it usually causes lots of stains to the countertops unless preventive measures are taken.

Avoid staining materials

Materials like vinegar, clorox etc should not be used for cleaning countertops.  Similarly avoid leaving any type of acids or oil on countertops as they are likely to leave stains on granite and marble if allowed to be in contact for more time. Always follow the methods and procedures advised by the granite installers raleigh nc to avoid staining of the countertops to the maximum possible extent.

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