A bathroom renovation requires a lot of focus and planning. Bathroom design is an important step in bathroom remodeling and if you want the project to be successful and look exactly how you wanted it, it should be done right. Use the below bathroom design tips for help.

No Big Changes To The Layout

Most pros advise homeowners to work with what you got. This is because big bathroom layout changes quickly jack up the remodeling cost. Most people want to perform bathroom renovation on a budget and the sudden increase in the cost shocks them.

So, keep the original layout and change the materials and fixtures. This will give you newness without breaking the bank.

Change The Door

When remodeling a small bathroom, many homeowners want a design that makes the best use of the space. However, many don’t pay attention to the door that eats a lot of space when opened. So, if your bathroom door opens inside, change it to outside or install a pocket door.

Reconsider The Tub

Unless you or someone in your family can’t take a bath without enjoying some time in the tub, consider removing it. This advice is focused on people you want to get the most out of the space. A bathtub takes up more space than a shower or shower box. So, remove the bathtub and replace it with a shower box. You’ll be amazed at how cleaner and cleaner the bathroom will look.

Moreover, when selecting a shower enclosure, you will have a lot of options to make your space appear modern and beautiful.

Don’t Overstuff The Bathroom

When remodeling a bathroom, homeowners tend to include too many items and fixtures in the bathroom. They end up with an overstuffed and cramped bathroom that doesn’t look pretty.

A bathroom designer should keep in mind the space when adding fixtures or features to the bathroom. If the space doesn’t allow a separate shower and bathtub, don’t install them both. Make use of a shower only. Similarly, every bathroom can’t accommodate two sinks or big cabinetry.

Embrace Storage

Whether a bathroom is small or big, clutter in the bathroom can affect its visual appeal of the bathroom. So, a good bathroom design has many storage options. For example, a sink doesn’t offer any storage whereas a vanity does. Even if you have a smaller space, the design can have a vanity with one sink. Similarly, consider storage in mirror cabinets, and other parts of the bathroom.

Consider Function Over Style

Bathroom fixtures and features should make sense and don’t add to your problems. The choice of materials is the first thing that comes to mind when considering function or style. For instance, you may want to select wooden flooring, but it will get damaged with moisture soon. They are also costly.

For bathrooms, a practical choice would be materials that are waterproof like porcelain tiles. They are low-maintenance and serve the purpose well. If you consider wood or natural stone flooring, you will need to seal them regularly. Moreover, choose textured tiles instead of glossy tiles to avoid slipping.

Welcome Natural Light

Your bathroom design should have at least one window that allows natural light into the bathroom. Make sure the window is placed in the right place so it doesn’t affect the privacy of the bathroom while allowing abundant light.

You can also use a glass shower enclosure and more mirrors in the bathroom to spread the natural light in the bathroom.

Other than natural light, you should also consider lighting fixtures that can make the whole space bright and accessible. The style, design, and location of light fixtures also impact the design of a bathroom.

Bathroom Color Pallet

Using the right colors can invoke the vibe you want for your bathroom like bold, calm, etc. Therefore, give some thought to the colors of the materials, walls, and flooring of the bathroom.

Most people pay attention to obvious parts such as walls and fabrics for selecting color schemes, but you should focus on other items like the color of the cabinetry and the design of the tiles.


Your bathroom design should be how you want the bathroom to look after the remodel. Discuss your preferences and budget with a bathroom remodeler to begin the process.

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