A major chunk of the wedding budget goes into decorations. For that reason, one may choose to go overboard and spend thousands of dollars on it.  However,  you can use DIY methods to decorate yourself with a major cost difference. But regardless of that, you may need party tent rentals. In fact, close and intimate wedding parties have actually become popular in recent years. 

Some DIY ideas for wedding decorations

So, to save oneself from budget anxiety, here are some DIY ideas for decorations on your wedding day. 

The backdrop of Flowers

A wall of flowers is a must for weddings. You can use real flowers. Roses, orchids, or daisies, whichever is your preference,  make sure to order them a day before the big day. If you’re unable to find your favorite flower, another alternative is artificial ones. There is an increasing variety of beautiful artificial flowers that look super real. 

So, you must not think of it as making a compromise. You can throw in some favorite scents of yours too. Another clever way of flower decoration at weddings is mixing both artificial and real. After you have picked your flowers,  the only thing left to do is attach them with a large board or plywood using a flower wire or hot glue.

Make your mason jar lights

Do you have mason jar collections from your favorite food items in the kitchen? Well, it is the right time to take them out. You can insert batteries operated or directly plugged fairy lights in them at your convenience. You can hang them on a tree in case of an outdoor wedding or set them on the buffet tables to give a restaurant a pleasing feel. Additionally, having extra light is always favorable for the bokeh effect in photoshoots. 

A Must Photobooth

Photos are the most important aspect of one’s wedding. Hence, having a special photobooth is always considered interactive and fun for creating memories. You can easily purchase a customized photo booth online, or make your own! By simply using streamers and flowers.  Furthermore, you can place some fun props like hats, glasses, or special fun phrases unique to your relationship. This helps guests to be equally entertained while creating precious memories. 

Recycling Wine bottles

Just like Mason jars, you can also make use of used wine bottles. If you don’t have empty ones, you can always find some in a local liquor store. You can use these bottles as vases for the flowers to add a personal touch. Additionally painting them with your wedding color theme will create a complete look.

Personalized Sign boards

Placing personalized sign boards with couple names, wedding dates or unique phrases also adds a more personalized touch. You can use wooden boards, chalkboards, and even mirrors for it. To write, you can utilize paints, markers, or vinyl letters. helps in interestingly utilizing an empty corner.

Paper lanterns for Festive touch

Paper lanterns are extremely affordable and easily available online. You can hand them by the ceiling using a fish wire. It will make your wedding party look grander and more festive.

Add some balloons

If you are tired of using flowers everywhere, go for balloons! Balloon garlands are a new trend and give a new and yummy feel altogether. You can easily blow enough of them with an air pump and string them together. Although you have to make sure they aren’t placed where they might pop. This could either be near any place with heat or a rough surface. 


DIY weddings are a great way to have a budget-friendly, intimate day! But even DIY weddings require wedding tent rentals Rockland NY and other arrangements.

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