A rug has far more to offer than only aesthetic appeal. Surely it accentuates any sort of room and adds depth and flattery to the furniture of the room. Other than that, whether it is contemporary or traditional rug, it gives a natural feeling of warmth and homeliness, and acts as a protection barrier for your feet in cold wintery nights. It also helps to hide unsightly floors.

A rug is not just limited to floors but can also be added on top of carpets and can also be hung as a wall art. It all depends on your preferences and styling. Choosing a rug is no easy task, especially for your dining room as you will have to look at many aspects before finalizing and cannot just select one you like randomly.


The most important aspect when choosing a rug for your dining room is the size of the rug. The size of the rug should be according to the size of your room. If your dining room is small then a very huge rug that acts like a carpet will not appeal at all and vice versa a rug too small will not look nice as well. The size should be in proportion to the size of the room.

The size should be according to the size of the dining table as well. It should have ample space to cover the chairs when they are pulled out as well. Some people place a rug according to the size of the dining table but when the chairs are pulled out, they are half on the rug while half on the floor.

The rug for dining room should be just limited to the dining table and its ends should not rest below any other furniture because then it will completely displace the look of the dining room but should end before any other furniture starts.

Color Coordination

The right way to upgrade your home with rugs is to take care of colors and themes. The rug should be in coordination with the color scheme and design of the dining room and the dining table. The rug’s color should match the color of the dining table and the other furniture of the room. The color should not be in exact accordance but could also be a lighter or darker shade of the same family and should be contemporary if the dining room is contemporary and old school if the dining room is vintage type. The pattern and design are equally important. The pattern should match the theme of the whole dining room.

Also, the purpose of the rug should be considered whether you want to add a touch of elegance or add just to add warmth to the room. Overly furnished room should have a single colored plain rug with minimal pattern while a monotonous furniture can be highlighted by a colorful and patterned rug.


The shape of the rug should also be in accordance with the shape of the dining table. A square shaped dining table should be the place of a square shaped rug while a rectangular dining table should have a rectangular and long rug and if your dining table is oval, round, hexagonal or pentagonal, then round or oval rug will look good with it.


Material is another very important aspect that should be taken into consideration. Keep in mind that your heavy dining table will be placed on the rug, plus there will be accidental liquid spills, oil and grease spills, crumbs and many other stuff falling on the rug as the dining table is used for meals. So, you will want a material that is durable, long lasting, resistant to pressure and matting, stain and spill resistant, soft to put your feet on and also dirt resistant.

The rug will also face a lot of heavy traffic so the material should be chosen keeping in mind that there will be a lot of foot traffic. Wool and Nylon are perfect materials for a dining room. If you visit the right rug stores Alexandria and know what to look for, you can buy affordable as well as durable rugs. Moreover, wool is a material that will be passed on to generations, while Nylon offers a wide array of colors, designs and patterns to choose from.

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