Partying outside can be more fun, you can do things you are forbidden to do indoors. But should it look all plain when you have decided to party in the open? Nope, the party venue still has to be festooned with the help of party and tent rentals.

Here are a bunch of decor tips from our side.

All Lightened Up

Lights matter a lot when it comes to an outdoor party – especially if you are thinking of making it until late at night. It is going to turn gloomy after 7 and lights can be your only savior in the end. Now, you can act miserly and add minimum lights just to make it visible for everyone but if you want to use lights to make your party go places, you need to put on your thinking cap.

There are various ways to lighten up your backyard. Numerous light arrangements can be considered. There are lanterns of different shapes and colors, you can choose one that suits your whole setup. If nothing at the market impresses you, you can look up Pinterest for some do-it-yourself ideas. If you think prudently, lights can be turned into decor pieces too.

An All-White Arrangement

You can turn it into an all-white arrangement. White never goes out of fashion, it symbolizes peace and serene in all seasons. If you are planning to have a night party, you should definitely pick white as the focal color because it will go great with the dark and shadowy night. Tablecloth, flowers, centerpieces and lanterns — everything has to be white.

Sidenote: Although white does not need any color else to embellish it further if you still feel the urge to give it a slight touch of another color, please let it be flamingo or taffy.

Colorful Ambience

Instead of going with just one color, why not take a bunch of random colors and put them to work? If the party is outdoor, you sure have a great space to yourself. That’s a good reason it can be a multi-color theme party. Every color will get its due attention as there’s going to be a lot of room out there and nothing will be amiss.

Do you not want it to sound a little free spirit? If yes, multiple colors are your go-to theme. A multi-color setup never disappoints. If you do something thoughtful with multiple colors, you will surely receive lots of accolades from the guests. A variety of colors will give it a bohemian look and it will set the whole atmosphere of the party on fire.

Contrasted Arrangement

Two colors together can do a blast. A bi-color theme is one of the most loved party themes as people know they can make the most of it. Just pick any two colors that go great together and make them augment each other in every presentable thing at the party. It has to be a dark color with some light color because two dark colors barely harmonize with each other.

Here are some suggestions for two-color and three-color contrasts:

  • Ruby Red and Oxford Blue
  • Scarlet Red and White
  • White and Midnight Blue
  • Silver, Grey and Black
  • Flamingo and Arctic Blue
  • Black and White
  • Cherry Red and White

Oh, and yes, do not force two colors to look great together because if they don’t naturally blend well, there’s no way you can come up with something interesting by their amalgamation. It might be a little time consuming but totally worth an effort. Think a while before finalizing any two colors for your backyard party theme.

Minimalistic Dining Arrangement

Food is the most unignorable part of any party and that’s the messiest part too. Once the party is over, you are left with lots of cleaning to do. It all depends on how many people you are inviting to the party, but in case the number of people is over 50, you alone cannot do the dishes. In case you do not want to hire someone for the dishes, you should offer your guests packed food.

This idea might resonate with your guests as well and you need to talk with your event party rental Rockland NY about it. If some of them do not get time to eat at the party, they can take their parcel home and eat comfortably watching their favorite TV show.

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