Keratin treatment has been really popular ever since it got introduced and several improvisations have been done to it, too. Keratin treatment can be done several ways and hence you get a great deal of options to pick from when you are at a keratin treatment salon. Here’s all you have.

Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian blowout is a kind of keratin treatment that was founded in Brazil. It has challenged the boundaries and gained popularity in all countries across the continents, and is a largely popular hair straightening trend. This treatment tends to stay for at least 3 months or longer if you push it towards it. There are several ways to make the results stay a little longer but in normal condition, it barely endures a stay of more than 90 days.

The Brazilian blowout does not make you sit in your seat for more than 80 minutes or so which is not the case with so many other keratin straightening options. It is a huge advantage that Brazilian blowout gives you; it frees you within very little time.

Cezanne Classic

Now this sort of Keratin does not damage your hair’s natural tendency to curl. They do not and cannot change the way your hair looks 360 degrees. They just help your hair smoothen and lose the frizzes to a certain degree.

For instance, if you have hair so curly that your head begins to look like some messy bird’s nest, and you still do not romanticize straight hair, maybe you can just scale down on the curls, maybe you can choose a mild curly-hair look over the former. This kind of keratin treatment only diminishes your curls but does not make them vanish totally.

Formaldehyde-Free Treatments

People nowadays are really afraid of formaldehyde, and they prefer using formaldehyde-free products. As the experts say, formaldehyde has some damaging attributes and it can pose a serious threat to your hair and its very nature, so hair enthusiasts are avoiding treatments containing formaldehyde. Many salons, in all their hair treatments, use glyoxylic and stay 200% free of formaldehyde. The results of formaldehyde-free treatments don’t stay as long as the results of the latter but they surely keep the nature of your hair secure and harm-free.

Goldwell Kerasilk

When you are in a salon waiting for the Goldwell Kerasilk treatment done, you are expected to sit in your chair for at least 3 long hours. It is quite a time-consuming task and it requires a lot of diligence too. People won’t even think of getting stuck to one place for no big reason at all. Don’t you think so?

The results of this hair straightening treatment last for 60 days, most probably. It does not tend to last for more than 2 months. It not only straightens but it also smooths your hair and keeps them frizz-free for a certain period of time.


Lasio is one of the pioneers in this straightening business, when not many products were introduced, Lasio was still at work. It is one of the oldest keratin products and has left a mark of significance on the straightening industry. Lasio is still one of the best ways to get perfectly straight and blossoming and shiny hair in just a couple of minutes, and it is so unwilling to leave the ground empty for any competitions — new or old.

Rusk Deepshine Smooth Keratin

When you are opting for this treatment, hair straightening is not the first thing you get done to your hair, there are few more things that would get you by surprise, totally. First and foremost, you get your hair meticulously cleaned and then processed for straightening. This is one thing that sets this treatment and all others in the same line widely apart.

All the chemicals that pose any kind of threat to your hair’s nature are given a wide berth. Not just formaldehyde, in this very treatment, thioglycolate has also been avoided. Hence, Deepshine smooth keratin treatment is free of formaldehyde and thioglycolate, simultaneously. It ensures the nature and prototype of your hair is far safer than it could be if gone through any other hair treatment.

Following ingredients combine together to make the formula of Rusk deepshine smooth keratin:

  • amino acids
  • keratin proteins
  • sulfite chemistry
  • keratin proteins

Get keratin treatment by hair stylist Rockville to ensure your hair are smooth, straight and without any drawbacks of the treatment.

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