As soon as the winter season is starting, you will need to do some prep work for a warm and cozy home and for that you will need to call in the chimney contractor and the chimney repair companies. You cannot just start a fire in your chimney after being shut for a long a time.

Chimney and fireplace maintenance tips

You will have to thoroughly get your chimney checked by a chimney contractor for any leaks or repairs required. Below are some top chimney and fireplace hacks for your winters to go warm and smooth.

1. Chimney Cleaning

You should get your chimney completely cleaned before the winters and before starting a fire. The ashes and debris are not safe for your health and can also cause fires and loss of expensive heat. Call in a chimney contractor to rid of your chimney from any ash and residue. Creosote, a tar like substance is released during the burning of wood which films itself on the insides of the chimney and damper. This creosote is the number one reason of blocking the smoke from emitting out the chimney and can also lead to accidental hazards in the chimney and in your homes as well.

2. Wood

Before you start stacking your wooden logs in the fireplace, make sure they are fully dry. If you are having problems starting the fire then the reason might be that your wood is not completely dry. Also make sure you have ample wood available to stack when the wood gets burnt.

3. Prime the Flue

This is a very important and necessary hack. The process of burning wood causes combustion as the wood is mixed with oxygen which in turn creates a convection current from the inside of the house. This means that the cooler air flows out of the house. Priming your flue means that you will have to mix the colder air of the house with the warmer air from the fire. When you first start the fire, you will not be able to get the colder air out due to extensive heat which can be hazardous. You will need to take a newspaper and roll it up and light fire on one end and then hold it towards the open damper. Repeat this till you feel a flow of warm air outside your chimney.

4. Get the Leaks Repaired

Get your chimney professionally checked by a professional for any leaks or flaws. If there are any leaks then you should get them repaired by expert chimney repair companies.

5. Kindling

You will need to constantly kindle the fire for proper burning and heat and for that purpose only logs will not be enough. You can use small twigs and sticks by drying them first and then use them to kindle and ignite the fire. Another hack that will burn your fire a lot is newspapers, a lot of newspapers rolled and then put in the fire. This kindling will cause a lot of burning of the fireplace.

6. Glass Doors

Glass doors or other coverings can be installed in the fireplace to close the opening of the chimney and fireplace so retain the heat inside the house and prevent warm air from escaping outside.

7. Damper

You should know the proper way to work your damper. When starting a fire open your damper completely or a little more than 3/4th. Allow the air to get in the fireplace so that it can completely start and burn. When the fire has completely started then close the damper till half or till 3/4th but do not completely close it or seal it because this can cause smoke inside your home.

8. Fire Throwback

You can also install a fire throwback in your fireplace. This is a thick sheet of cast iron and is ideally installed behind the fire. This protects your chimney masonry at the back of the fireplace and it also reflects or throws more heat inside the room and house.

9. Closed Chimney

If you are not into traditional open fires then you can also install a closed chimney. A closed chimney has vents and opening outside the house which retains maximum heat inside your house. You will have to get it annually checked from chimney repair companies columbia md.

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