According to a survey conducted among seller’s agents, many homeowners believe that the property they buy continuously increases its value over the years.

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But it completely depends on certain conditions like location, fluctuation in the market and the condition of your house.

Real estate tips

Here are a few ways you can use to increase the value of your house.

1. Painting Your House

One of the things that will make your house look attractive to the potential buyer is how clean the house is. If your paint is old and it has cracks on it, you should consider repainting your house to make it look fresh before heading to the real estate agent to list your house on the market. Paint is a quick and cost-effective improvement that you can make.

2. The Appeal of Your House

The curb appeal, the way your house looks from the outside, is important to the value of your house. Needless to say, a cluttered or an empty yard doesn’t put up a good impression. Make sure to make your house look good from outside. Making your lawn look decent, mowing it, installing plants, repairing your main door and straight up painting can turn things in your favor.

3. Low-Cost Maintenance

Maintenance plays a vital role in the chances of your house being sold out. Since buyers are mostly worried about the maintenance they will have to spend money on if they buy it, you can fix that problem. Make your maintenance fixes low cost which means main things that are essential. Many seller’s agents also recommend maintenance. Replacing your stained carpet with hardwood floors, lighting, door knobs, outdated electrical appliances, heater, furnace, etc. Minimal changes can make your house look as good as new and may have buyers spend more cash for your investment.

4. Staging Your House

Staging your house is very effective and many real estate agents will also recommend it as it attracts buyers and give them a perspective as they may lack imagination. Staging your house give a proper picture of how the house looks with furniture in it and how spacious it can be. This kind of staging really attracts buyers and they may even increase the value of the house.

5. Lighting Your House Up

Lighting can set up the mood for your potential buyers. Make sure you have good lights installed in your house and have big windows too that allow natural light in. Skylights and sun tubes are common now to bring in natural light in your home by the means of glass reflections. The old-fashioned bulbs are no longer trendy. They give out heat and are a little hard on your electric bill. The generation has moved on from bulbs to the more cost and energy efficient LEDs. They are subtle and give your house a modern look.

6. Greening It Up

In addition to the fixing of your lawn, adding a little greenery to your house can improve the overall look of your house. Colorful plants are always mood boosters and can work for the appeal which is important for the value of your house and real estate investment. These plants are not that expensive and can be counted as a low-cost improvement.

7. Renovation of Important Areas

Updating and revamping your kitchen and bathroom is another way of increasing the value of your house before going to a seller’s agent. Complete plumbing work and overhaul to give a fresh and new look can help things in your favor. Install new appliances and fix any lighting and ventilation. Switching the toilet or tub or sink maybe even installing new countertops or new flooring will work.

8. Making Your House Noise Efficient

People like to have their home as quiet and peaceful as possible which means no noise can enter from the outside. You can install double-pane in windows and doors. Adding plants can absorb the noise as well as adding rugs and carpets can do to reduce the noise of footsteps. Fortifying your house against sound can result in an increase in the value of your house.

Real estate agents can only sell what they see for a reasonable price, but they are no miracle workers. If you really want to sell your house for more than what you bought it for, invest in your house a little bit and you will get your desired amount.

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