Often times, you are in a position to sell a house. You spent a good deal of your life in that house and now it is time to say goodbye but you are confused. Should I hire a realtor or not? Should I do repairs?

Importance of hiring a realtor

You are having a state of ‘double mind’ over your house. You ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Should I sell my house as it is or wait for a better offer?
  2. Should I invest a little on my house before selling it off?
  3. What would be profitable?
  4. Where would I find the right people for the job?

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of selling the house as it is.

Pros of hiring real estate agent

  1. Less Drama Involved

You have a product. You want to sell it as it is. You will stick to a distinctive price, while describing the house condition ‘as it is’. This will involve less drama and lesser haggling.

  1. Cash Home Buying Companies Will Contact You

These are companies which offer investor rate to your house. Maybe you need money as soon as possible but you are finding it hard to get the right people.

Either these companies will offer a lump sum amount in cash to you or they will bring clients to you for a small commission. If a cash home buying company offers to buy your house, its rate will be a little less than the market but you will quickly gain all the amount in cash.

  1. Less Work Stress Is Involved

You aren’t repairing your home or waiting for the ‘ideal charming offer’. You just need money to get you out of your financial troubles.

  1. Saving Repair Costs

Selling a house as it is, will save your repair costs. All the amount you don’t invest on your house will end up in your pocket so it is a win-win situation for you.

  1. Time Saving Process

By not indulging in house repairs, you are indulging in a time-saving process. This will make the sale quickly as compared to waiting weeks, before your house is finally ready to get listed among realtors.

Cons of hiring a real estate agent

  1. Limited Market

Unless a person or a party is thinking long term i.e. buying your home for a lesser price and then gradually spending upon repairs, you will face a limited market as compared to the one of fully furnished homes.

You will find the offers of people with a specific mindset. Almost all of them will be looking for discounts and they will try to find undue flaws in your house.

  1. Lack of Buyer’s Trust

A buyer will feel that a seller should tell him all the problems. Sometimes there are no problems and you still want to sell the house ‘as it is’. This thought discomforts the buyers and he tries to find faults that aren’t in the first place.

This is done to lower the price. Expect some haggling and a lesser amount of buyer’s trust when it comes to selling the house ‘as it is’

  1. Pricing Problem

If you aren’t focusing upon your house repairs, you are turning away the clients and lowering down your house value.

This is all ‘give and take’ considering what price you lower is coming back to your pocket by not investing upon house repairs.

But pricing problem persists in terms of relativity. How much are you willing to take a dive without damaging your profit? A real estate agent can better guide you in such situations.

  1. More Effort Is Required to Make a Deal

A buyer will see you as a weakling who is desperately wanting to sell off his property. As soon as you disclose that you are selling the house on condition of ‘as it is’, the buyer will potentially offer ridiculously low offers. Some even well below the market.

That’s where a realtor comes into play. He/she will fight for you – demanding the right market price. A realtor or a real estate agent will help you find right people for your job.

A Sincere Advice: Talk to a Realtor

If you are confused about investing some cash on house repairs, you can talk to the real estate agent before finalizing any decision.

All of your queries will be solved and you will be provided with a consultation.

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