Air conditioners consume a lot of power which is why it is important to know how you conserve energy without having to totally stop using an AC. When the temperature outside is cool, you can stand not having the AC on, but when summer is here, it is a different story. If the temperature is 90 or 100 degrees every day, you will feel like being in a hot soup, and this is when you need too turn on the AC. Before the summer, air conditioner repair companies are actively looking for new customers they can serve because they know that the hot season is about to start. Follow these tips on how to conserve energy:

Kind of AC repair

If you want to cool 3 or more rooms at the same time, it is sensible in getting a central air conditioner in comparison to a window type AC for every room because it is less energy efficient. Central cooling consumes less energy and they do a good job at lowering the humidity of the room if you live in a humid place.

Keep it Low at Night

At night, you do not need the same level of coolness. You can turn the AC down during the night, while you sleep or if there is a “sleep mode” in you unit, utilize it to lower the timer output. Especially if you have windows that you can just open to let the cool wind in, you do not need to turn on the AC at a high mode.

Do an Upgrade

If you have not gotten the smartest type of thermostat like Ecobee, Lux, Lyric or Nest, you should make a change already. The new smart thermostat can control heating and cooling while you’re at home. Aside from this, you remotely adjust the settings using a smartphone app. Some of them are even compatible with Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, Wink, Samsung SmartThings and others.

Sources of Light Must be Diminished

Having a bright and airy home looks great in photos, but if you are living in a house like this, warm temperature gets inside easily. If the sum comes in directly inside the house through the large windows, the air conditioner has to work harder to make the house cool. One of the simplest solutions is to lessen how much light enters your house using day curtains or you can go for venetian blinds so you can adjust the light. You can also do a compromise like clustering big leafy plants near direct sunlight sources and this lessens the light while making the place look nicer.

Prevent Outside Air to Enter

You should always keep the windows and doors of the house properly closed. You must avoid moisture and warmer outside air from coming inside the air-conditioned room because this would lead to an increase in the electricity your AC consumes. Keep in mind that the natural that air comes through normal leakages from the windows and doors will ensure the comfort conditions and lessen any bad odor in the room. Check if the unit is sealed well from the outdoors while installation is taking and also routine maintenance.

Use Portable or Window Units

If you do not want to cool your entire home, try a portable unit to cool only the area you want. they consume 50% less energy compared to a large central AC unit would to make the space cooler.

Once a Month

The vents have to be cleaned once a month because it easily gets clogged and dirty. This can make your power bill spike up because a clogged vent requires more energy for the AC to make the room cool. If you allow the vent to get clogged, it can be damaging to the AC and the delicate filters inside can get ruined. A repairman and replacements can cost as high as $300, especially if it is an AC unit that is centralized.

After reading these tips, you can now start to conserve energy so that your electric bill will not shock you at the end of the month. If something needs to be fixed, contact one of  the recommended ac repair companies Smithtown NY in your area.

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