If you had experienced a frizz before, your stylist probably told you that it is time to get a keratin treatment, which is the way to have a smoother, shinier, and glossier hair that is similar to silk. Although, similar to a lot of chemical-beauty treatments, a keratin treatment does not have the same composition all the time. A reputable keratin treatment salon will tell you that it would depend on your hair’s texture and type too instead of just doing it on your hair just because they want your money. So before committing to anything, you should read what will be said here because they are important facts you need to know.

Here’s what you need to find out about keratin treatment

Keratin treatment takes hours

The process of keratin treatment is about 3 to 4 hours because process is something like this: shampoo without conditioner, 80% dry your hair, treatment application in small parts of the hair, leave it there for 15 minutes, blow dry your hair, a flat iron will be used on your hair in quarter-inch parts, hair rinsing, shampoo the 2nd time, apply the keratin serum, and then blow dry.

It is different from a chemical relaxer

Even if keratin treatments are impermanent and it will be washed out after months, chemical relaxers for hair straightening are not temporary. In addition, they both use different ingredients because they do not give you the same outcome. Chemical relaxers use sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide, or guanidine hydroxide that break and restructures curly hair bonds making the hair straight and weaker. Instead of changing your hair’s chemical composition, keratin treatments will inject protein in the porous sections of your hair. Your hair will feel smoother and then it will wash out after some months. There are treatments that contain solutions that release formaldehyde when it is heated, but you should go for formaldehyde-free options.

There is a weird smell

The keratin treatment has this strange and musty smell that you will notice from time to time while in the process. It is not very offensive, but it does not smell pleasant and definitely noticeable. In a lot of cases, the stink will go away completely after the last blow dry, but for some, there is still a little smell that is there until you wash your hair again. It is not a deal breaker compared to the results of a keratin treatment after that but knowing about this will help.

 Can hair straightening be done at home?

Yes, but salon results are still a lot better. First, you have to buy the products that are exactly what you need. A lot of treatments will say “keratin” on it, but it does not automatically mean they are “keratin treatments”. Hair is made of keratin proteins, which means that products that are named keratin are very common. For you to get the best results at home, check the ingredients list of the product. There are a lot of treatments for smoothing that actually have strong conditioning and silicone treatments. After checking that, read the instructions. Do the instructions say something about washing, drying, and straightening your hair? If you do not find these, it is most likely that the product is a standard conditioner, and not a treatment. Moreover, doing a keratin treatment at home will not give you the same results like in a salon because theirs will last longer. A salon treatment will still have an effect after months, but the ones you do at home will be gone after a couple of weeks only.

You will begin to flake

In the middle part of the process, during the 2nd blow dry, you will see white flakes falling on your shoulder. It will continue through the flat iron part, and it will get worse. You will think it is dandruff but it is actually excess residue from the product, which really happens at this stage. After rinsing, the flakes will disappear.

Getting a keratin treatment is great and it is sometimes a salon that does this is also called Brazilian blowout salon Potomac. Both of them will give the results you always wanted.

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