Getting a freezer is one thing, cleaning it is another. If you efficiently clean your freezer, every now and then, you will save cash in terms of expensive repairs and energy bills. Below you will see a bunch of important freezer cleaning tips recommended by commercial refrigerators repairs experts.

All you need to know about commercial appliance maintenance

Nowadays, a lot of commercial freezers are coming with an electronic on/off switch. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to unplug the freezer.

This saves you from electric shocks and defrosting accidents. See that your freezer is at an appropriate place and you don’t feel difficulty, putting your hand again and again otherwise use a mini stool or make the freezer stand at an incline position.

Commercial freezer repairs companies recommend placing newspapers & towels underneath the appliance.

Commercial freezer maintenance tips

It is highly likely that you are cleaning your freezer after a lot of months. With presence of bulk food inside the freezer, who knows which is not contaminated and which ones have passed the expiry date?

The best way is to make a catalogue. Take a look at food, smell them and determine their freshness. Following are signs of spoiled food:

  • Food has changed its color
  • Edibles look hideous and they give a bad odor
  • Your food has gotten a freeze burn and now you see layers of ice on your food
  • Storing food inside a freezer beyond recommended timeframe

When cleaning your freezer, place your plastic bagged frozen food in sealed storage containers. This will prevent premature thawing. Commercial refrigerators repairs people advise to line containers with plastic bags.

You have removed the food and now it is time to defrost your commercial freezer. If you leave the lid open and don’t do anything, defrosting can take several hours. During the process, the accumulated frozen ice will thaw that is coating the interior walls.

Get a hairdryer and set it to low heat. Focus the hot air towards interior walls of your appliance. While you are doing this, do not let the melting water come in contact with your dryer otherwise you can get electrocuted.

Get a large container of hot water and place it in your freezer. Shut off the lid and allow the buildup of steam to melt the ice. Depending upon size of your freezer and amount of frozen ice, you may need to replace the container several times till all of ice has been melted.

Unplug the drain after melting of ice. Allow the flow of water towards drain. Get a mild cleansing agent like a dish agent. Alternative green cleaning methods include the use of baking soda or vinegar.

Place your cleaning agent (detergent, vinegar or baking soda) in a bowl and add warm water. Dip a soft cloth or a towel into cleaning solution and wash the insides of your commercial freezer.

If you come across tough stains, repeat the procedure till they are loosened and eventually removed. Thoroughly rinse the insides of your commercial freezer till it becomes squeaky clean.

Allow your freezer to dry. You can increase the drying process by placing it under an electric fan. In the end, use a cotton cloth for dry patting.

Finding an Unpleasant Odor After Cleaning

Congratulations! You just cleaned your freezer but you find some horrible odors inside it. Don’t worry! Place a box of baking soda inside the freezer and close the lid for several hours. When you will open the freezer, smell will be gone.

Commercial freezer repairs companies advise people to place a small quantity of baking soda, in form of an open box, inside the freezer i.e. when freezer is in use and make sure to replace baking soda after every three months.

It is time to put food back again. Make sure everything is labelled and properly sealed to prevent freeze burns.

Place your meat items in lowest of all shelves and keep them separated from juices and other food items on remaining shelves. Make sure to leave a little space between food items so that cold air can travel easily inside.

If you find it difficult to clean your freezer, contact a good company for commercial freezer repairs Falls Church and they will clean your freezer in no time.

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