When looking for an ideal wedding table supplier, there are several things you have to consider when selecting the specific kind of table you will use for your special event. The first, but probably most important consideration, is if you will use rectangular, square, or round tables. Check out this quick discussion of the pros and cons of every table type.

Square Tables

The square tables are starting to become more and more in demand as a good alternative to the usual round tables. These tables can provide all the benefits you can expect from round tables for party planing tips, although these might seem a bit uncommon to majority of events. You can choose from square tables of 60” or 40” sizes.

Round Tables

Round tables are no doubt the most popular seating option as these let all your guests to view and see each other, which then create a warm and comfortable environment to strike great conversations. These also allow both complex and simple designs for centerpieces. The main downside of using round tables is when space is the topmost concern since tables can take up a lot of space compared to their rectangular counterparts. The round tables you can find today vary greatly in sizes.

Rectangular Tables

Finally, the rectangular tables are among the most efficient tables you can use at your wedding party. But, except for the guests being able to sit directly across from you, it could be hard to start a discussion with other people sitting at the table. When you use a rectangular table, you have to consider if you will use the head of the table, which might not apply if you are using a table of 40” or something wider.

Many of the rectangular banquet tables you can find today are 30” wide. These will not allow the use of a centerpiece much bigger than 5” or the use of heads of the table unless you end up losing a seat to the left and the right of the person seated at the head. Such tables are very in demand for rustic weddings in which a low row is made by joining several tables together. Most table and chair rentals can provide rectangular tables in various sizes to choose the specific needs of every client. Just make sure you choose the best table style that will complement your event to ensure that everyone will have a great time.

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