With Brazilian blowout, you will enjoy smooth and silky hair. This treatment is perfect for those suffering from frizzy hair that seems to be uncontrollable. With Brazilian Blowout, the hair will become shiny, healthy, and smooth. It can be easily styled in any particular way or even can be curled or made wavy. Most of the clients who have opted for this treatment have been quite satisfied with the after effects and end results. They have experienced amazing change in the overall texture of hair.

Who can opt for Brazilian blowout?

If you have frizzy, damaged, or even processed hair, then this treatment may just be the best one to avail. The best part is that it works on any type of hair, whether it is fine, coarse, curly, or fizzy. It even works on hair that have been highlighted, colored, and permed. It may sound unbelievable but this process works fine with hair extensions as well. Post treatment, you will experience a perfectly shiny and smooth hair that can be managed easily. In spite of all these, you can still be able to style the hair as per your on stylization methods and tastes. However, the time required for blow drying gets reduced by a significant margin.

Long lasting benefits of Brazilian Blowout

If proper care is taken, then the treatment may last for 10-12 weeks. There is a special After Care product available that needs to be used to ensure long lasting impact. If followed properly, the hair will remain shiny and smooth for 12 weeks! The blowout treatment can be done in multiple sessions or even for a single session also. It all depends on the total number of sessions for the treatment that you have undergone which will decide the total time frame the effect will last. Although there is no such limitation on the maximum number of sessions, but still, it is always best to opt for one session in 15 days.

Duration of the Brazilian blowout treatment

It takes approximately 1.5 – 2 hours to get over with the treatment. A certain type of proprietary polymer system is used to bring the shiny look while making the cuticles smoother and repairing all the necessary hair damaging parts. In the process, Proprietary Polymer system gets combined with Super Nutrient complex. First of all, the hair is washed with mild cleansing shampoo. Then, the mixture is applied. Let the hair dry and then do ironing to seal the solution. Then, conditioner is applied on the hair. The hair is again blow dried. This completes the process. The treatment is absolutely safe and any hair straightening salon may cost somewhere around $125.

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