Selecting a good divorce lawyer to handle your divorce case can be very challenging job. Any wrong decision can destroy your case. It needs asking some specific question; some important steps need to be followed. So selecting wrong lawyer may cost huge amount of money. We all know that divorce is a highly emotional problem that can be stressful, traumatic, and intimidating process. At the same time this process can be extremely costly that can heart you both emotionally and financially. That’s why; selecting the proper divorce lawyer might be one of the most vital decisions of your case.

Here are some essential points which are extremely helpful in finding the right lawyer.

Experience and Focus

You have to select an experienced lawyer. Actually, an experienced lawyer always has substantial knowledge about the tendencies of other lawyers and the judges. They can use this experience and knowledge to your benefit. Additionally, you should select the lawyer who has been practicing since long time in the field of divorce. Because divorce law is extremely specialized field which need proper skill and expertise in order to get a successful conclusion.

Past Client Testimonials

Find out the former client’s explanation about the lawyer, is also the best way to consider a good lawyer. There are lots of divorce lawyers who achieve more success by satisfying their clients, try to find out that type of lawyer. Or if you cannot find out the client, you can request the lawyer to give a list of their client with name and phone number that you easily contact them. While confidentiality is extremely important in this filed, however the good lawyer must have a list of a few former clients who can guide you proper.


If people become dissatisfied with their lawyer, first they make complain against the lawyer that they cannot properly communicate with him or her. So, it is extremely essential that your lawyer should respond very quickly to your call, emails or your request.


Once you have made your appointment with a divorce attorney, you can ask his or her consultation fees. Most of the lawyers are very open about their fees. According to the survey almost all divorce attorney will charge between $100.00 and $200.00, or some of them will charge the hourly rate too. Before visiting them, if you want to make the confirmation about the fees of the divorce attorney, then you should discuss with your family lawyer fairfax va, he or she will surely guide you in this matter.

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