If injured in an auto accident, you should be compensated for medical bills, loss of salary and other expenses. In order to get compensation for your personal injury claim, one must follow the following procedures.

Immediately contact the law authorities after the auto accident

Whether you are hurt badly or injured little bit, it is necessary to get in touch with the police. The police should reach the accident spot and later get a photocopy of the police report. This report will have a detailed account of the accident, including the opinion of the officer as to who was at fault. This can help you get the best settlement from your insurance company.

Make a detailed description of an auto accident

Once you feel or get better, start jotting down the points about the accident. Remember and incorporate as many details as possible and list it out in your accident report. You can also procure this form from your insurance company. Also make a note of your expenses related to the accident, such as repair costs and personal injury expenses.

Contact the other party’s insurance company

Once you have filled in a detailed report about the accident and its expenses, send a notification letter to the at fault driver’s insurance company. You need to mention your name, date and location of the incident, when you got injured and the date when the notification letter was written. Do not include details of the accident. The main purpose of writing this letter is to inform and alert the insurance company about your injury and the claim that you will be making. Also, if you have personal injury protection, as it is required in certain states, write a notification letter to your insurance company too.

Hire a personal injury lawyer

Hiring an attorney will help you get a better settlement from an insurance company as vehicle insurance companies benefit from under compensating victims. Many companies reduce the settlement amount if they get to know that the victim has not hired a auto accident injury attorney. Therefore, it is worthwhile to hire an attorney while filing the accident claim. Hire a legal representative through referrals like that of friends, family members and colleagues. State bar associations can also use a referral service.

Follow these procedures in order to get a fair compensation for any vehicle accident injury.

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