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Central air conditioning units are to interior units that use ducts to spread cooled air to different parts of the room or in the same building. Ductless air conditioner system is also called as a split air conditioner and technically it is often referred to as a “packaged terminal air conditioner” or PTAC that includes ductless indoor and ductless outdoor unit which is connected by refrigerant tube that spread cooled air via air handler located in the interior. With the summer months beating down on you, you would definitely be asking yourself ductless air conditioning vs. central air conditioning, which one is best for me? Essentially, both, the ductless air conditioner and the central air conditioner come with their own set of pros and cons and when you need to make a choice it is important that weigh both the pros and the cons equally. Read on to know whether you need a central air conditioning unit or a split unit.

A few questions that you need to ask yourself includes what is the square footage of the area and how much money do you want to spend on the installation and what are your plans to keep the air conditioning unit. A larger area with over 1500 sq.ft or several floors should have a central air conditioning unit. This type installation needs to be done by a professional installer and one need to pay higher installation costs like vent work, ducting etc..Many of the air conditioners come with a warranty of 10 years and provide better cooling for a larger area as well.

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On the other hand, if the area that needs to be cooled is less than 1500 sq.ft. then ductless air conditioning is a better air conditioner as it gives savings in short as well as long run. These air conditioners are easy to install and also installation in inexpensive. This indicates that you will get the same and effective cooling as a central air conditioner at a lesser price.

Ductless air conditioning units can be installed at confined places as they are of small size and require no ducts. The indoor unit of such ac’s can be fitted in any areas like closets or crawl spaces and the outdoor unite needs a small hole cut to get the wall support and occupies less space than a central air conditioner.

Ductless systems are less noisy than central ACs. It is due to the fact that when the compressor is placed outside then it reduces the humming noise that comes from central air conditioners.

While buying air conditioners for your home or office consider these aspects and make sure to buy one with SEER 16 or higher rating as energy star air conditioners also provides a tax rebate. Also, ensure to get any of these air conditioners installed by professional air conditioning companies.

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