Brick chimneys can be found across the globe. These are wonderful in helping smoke escape from a fireplace through a vent and get out of a home. These types of chimneys have a diameter as small as a foot and a diameter as large as 12 feet. Brick chimneys often get damaged due to human acts or as a result of weather. Average homeowners can repair their chimneys by following some easy steps. With a diligent chimney cleaning approach, they can finish the job in as small time as a couple of hours. However, if you are short on time, you should rather let a professional from a chimney company near me to handle the task.

Cleaning up the debris

Get rid of any loose debris, like broken mortar and bricks. In many cases, chimney masonry repair technicians can use their bare hands to pull on mortar and brick and make them come loose. However, it is important to ensure that the chimney does not get unstable in the process.

Cleaning up the area

A hammer and a brick chisel can be used to break away any mortar or brick that might be lodged. The region to be repaired will have to be cleaned up. After the damaged mortar and brick have been removed during chimney brick repair, a brush can be used to sweep away any dust from the region that is to be fixed.

Replacing the brick

The region that is to be repaired by chimney relining professionals needs to be made wet with a soaked sponge. This can let the mortar bond the new bricks to the old ones. In case mortar joints are being tucked, a large towel can be used to hold mortar just under the mortar joint while the mortar is being raked and packed with a small tuck pointer into the joint.

Repairing Cracks

A hammer and a cold chisel can be used by a chimney contractor near me to knock any cracked mortar from within the cracks. Break out around ½ inch of the mortar along the brick. The mortar and brick that is remaining should be wet and the mortar dust should be rinsed away to make the brick ready for repairs. The mortar has to be scooped onto a pointed trowel and then slid into the cracked region. The flat edge of the trowel can be used to smoothen it all out.

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