Kitchen countertops can be really expensive and probably spent a lot of money buying the perfect countertop for your home. Therefore, a good way to save some money is to install the countertops yourself instead of hiring a professional. It may sound scary at first, but as we move ahead you will see that it is actually really an easy job, and anyone can do it. Though, it may require some technical expertise. If it is too intimidating for you, we suggest you reach out to a countertop replacement company.

This procedure can be done on any kind of kitchen countertop, whether it is metal, stone, concrete or whichever on you have chosen.

How to replace kitchen countertops?

However, you may need to ask your manufacturer to first cut it in the exact dimensions you require for your kitchen, especially if your countertops are of marble or granite. When that is done, installing it should be really easy. So, get ready to pick up your tools and follow the following steps for an easy guide on how to install kitchen countertops yourself at home.

Make sure the dimensions of your countertop are exact

The first step is to pick up the countertop you got cut from the manufacturer and put it on the base or island top. This is to make sure the countertop fits perfectly with the exact dimensions of your base. Check it from every side and see if it is all cut perfectly. For a countertop for sink, check if the size of the hole matches the sink. If you feel like something does not sit right, send it back to the manufacturer and ask him to fix it. Do not start the work until the countertops fit perfectly. Don’t be afraid to send the countertops back!

Go and get your drill

Drill a hole for the faucet all the way through. Keep in mind that the hole should not be wider or smaller than the faucet itself. After this, add more holes around the cut in your counter for brackets and anchors. While not every sink requires brackets, most of them do require them so check which type of sink you have. With these holes, make sure you are not drilling all the way through.

After this it is time to place the sink. Add an adhesive over the edges of the hole in the counter and neatly place your sink on it. If you are not sure which adhesive to use, ask your countertop manufacturer which one will be good for the type of counter you have. Use whatever adhesive they recommend. After setting the sink, place the brackets and anchors. Then add a faucet over the hole you drilled for it and secure it with some adhesive too.

Installing the countertops

It is not time to place the countertops. Before installing them, make sure you have supportive beams below the edges of your counter. If they are not there, you may need to attach them first.

Moving on to the countertops, see if your countertops are thick or thin. While most granite countertops NC are thick enough to stand on their own, thin countertops may require a layer of protection. If everything is well, add some adhesive on the base of your counter and place your countertops neatly over it. Don’t forget to make sure that the size of the countertop is exact. An inch or so of the countertop will be protruding over the edge of the counter. Once you are done setting the counters, seal the joints with an adhesive that your manufacturer recommended. It will be better if you use an adhesive of the same color as your countertop so that it does not show much.

Once you are done, connect the water lines and you are good to go.

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