Your chimney liner is the most essential component of your chimney. Without a liner your house is exposed to dangerous fire and hazards. That’s you need to do regular chimney inspection to determine if your chimney needs liner replacement.

A chimney liner is used for the protection of your houses.

  1. Carbon monoxide, a deadly gas which is dangerous and toxic if inhaled and can lead to various health issues, is a by-product of burning wood in chimneys. Without a chimney liner, this gas can seep through the mortar and bricks into your homes and cause problems. The chimney liner halts the gas from escaping.
  2. It helps in the proper functioning of the chimney by giving protection from the combustible by products and also ensuring the smoke passes out of the chimney.
  3. It acts as a barrier between the embers of the fire that can go through the cracks in the chimney into the homes and also absorbs the high heat and dangerous chemicals produced which can lead to fires in homes as well in absence of the chimney liner.

To ensure that a chimney liner performs its work efficiently, you need to make sure it is in perfect condition because if the chimney liner gets damaged then it will not be able to perform.

Which Is The Best Material For A Chimney Liner?

To ensure efficiency you would surely need to know which type of chimney liner you should get installed. There are 3 types of chimney liners.

  1. Clay tile liners usually last for around 50 years and are the most affordable. They are best if you are building a new house or a new fireplace as it will last a long time. It is expensive to install a new clay liner or replace once the chimney is built.
  2. Cast-in-place liners also last for around 50 years or so. It is the best option if you want to replace any type of chimney liner because a cast filled with mortar is fixed in the existing chimney. It can be fixed easily if cracked or damaged.
  3. Stainless steel liners last for maximum 15 to 20 years. It is the best option when you want to replace your chimney as it can be fixed easily and is heat resistant and can adhere to all the laws and regulations.

Situations When You Chimney Needs Replacement

Damaged Liner

Everything has a life after which or nearing the end it starts it starts to get damaged. If you notice leaks, cracks or damage in your chimney liner then you should instantly replace your chimney liner. The heat, deadly gases, and fire embers can escape the cracks or damage into your homes and if any combustible materials are nearby, it can cause deadly and dangerous fires. Even the smallest of cracks can be dangerous. In clay tile you may notice crumbling of the tile.

Change Of Settings

Sometimes you tend to convert your wood burning fireplace to a gas one, without changing the specifications of the chimney liner. Different materials have different vent settings and absorption nature. You cannot go with the traditional clay tile liners with a gas burning fireplace. For a gas fireplace or a new chimney insert, you should go for stainless steel chimney lines as it works with all types of temperatures and can vent well.

Condensation Issue

You might notice that your chimney is making an effort to burn the fire and there is also less smoke from the chimney opening. This means that your chimney liner is condensing the byproducts of the fire on the walls of the chimney liner causing less heat, less smoke, more creosote buildup and also escape of deadly carbon monoxide in the house.

Supporting A New Appliance

Sometimes the chimney is also used as a wood stove. For this you will need to make sure that the chimney is the right size for the stove or it may lead to more creosote buildup and inefficient working of the chimney.

For efficient working of your chimney and also to avoid accidents, it is preferable to get your chimney liner and chimney inspected every year. Get reliable chimney relining services Upper Marlboro for a long-lasting chimney liner.

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