Modern dishwashers are designed to run quieter as compared to their predecessors. But as they continue with their normal operation, you can expect them to make some noise naturally. However, this wash cycle noise can increase over time due to various reasons. Dishwasher repair and maintenance issues usually add up to cause this increase in the noise of your dishwasher.

Here is how you can repair and troubleshoot a noisy dishwasher.

Natural Sound Of A Dishwasher

Since they consist of several working hardware parts, dishwashers usually make some noise when they are going through a wash cycle. Spray arms, detergent cups, water moving through the valve, working food disposer and draining water can make their own noises, which can all add up to convert into an annoying noise.

However, if the dishes are making any noise when they are being washed, you should probably stop the washing cycle and rearrange the dishes to eliminate that noise.

This Might Be A Maintenance Issue

As mentioned earlier, dishwashers do make some noise naturally when they are going through a wash cycle. But if the noise persists for a long time, this might indicate a maintenance issue.

To inspect the dishwasher and find the problem, you should unplug it and let it cool down first. Then remove the bottom rack and see if it has any amount of large debris pieces that might be struck in it.

You can also check the drain hose from the same problem and see if there are any issues that you can fix. There is a hole around the hose that might be the cause for rattling sounds, you can fill that hole with caulk to eliminate that sound.

Worn Out Parts

The strange and unusual noises coming out of your dishwasher can also be a cause of worn out and damaged parts. If you already have gone through the above mentioned step and have found no issues, you can proceed with this step.

This time, try running the dishwasher empty. If the dishwasher still makes those noises, you bet there are some worn out/ loosened parts that need your attention.

Brands actually set up their dishwashers differently so they might make different noises when certain parts get damaged. Electricians are usually trained to decide these noises and tell which part is malfunctioning/ creating the noise.

You should consult an expert in this scenario. However, if you have some experience of DIY appliance repair, you can refer to the repair manual (that comes with your dishwasher) and follow it to make the right repairs.

Replacing The Pump

A malfunctioning pump can very well be the cause of a noisy wash cycle of your dishwasher. The pump is tasked with spraying pressurized water into the dishes, and then draining the water after the wash cycle completes. Pump is an essential part of your dishwasher, here is how you can check to see if it’s working fine or not.

To check the pump, first remove it from the rear of the dishwasher. Keep the appliance unplugged in this process.

After removing the pump. Test it with the help of a multimeter set on Rx 1 setting. The terminals should give you a reading near to zero. Also, keep one probe with the terminal, and touch the other one with the ground connection, this should not give any reading.

If the readings do not match the above mentioned readings, you will need a new pump for your dishwasher.

Replacing The Spray Arms

Spray arms are probably the second most important component of your dishwasher. They are responsible for spraying pressurized water into the dishes being washed. Here is how you can check the spray arms of your dishwasher.

  1. Disconnect the power source, open your dishwasher and manually move the spray arms around to see if they are moving freely. They should not be touching any other part, and should not be wobbly.
  2. See if they have any signs of damage on the spray arms.
  3. If there is any damage, you will need to replace the spray arms.

This is how you can inspect and eliminate noise coming out of your dishwasher, and repair/replace any faulty parts as well. You can also let appliance repair Alexandria services take the charge and fix the dishwasher for you.

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