College is a great time of life but also an extremely vulnerable period of one’s life when one needs to be extra cautious about what they are doing and how they are interacting on social media and cyber crime. In case of college students they are adults but they lack the worldly knowledge making them vulnerable and susceptible to danger and frauds. Most of the crime or cheating related issues are either done by or done on college students. As per recent survey as much as 90% of students are on social media. Just like all scenarios, in this case also the coin has 2 sides and the other sign is full of negative effect of social media on college students.

So what are the Negative effects of Social Media on College students?

Increase in number of cyber crime rate:

Throughout the world, there has been a sharp increase in the rate of cyber crimes. People have understood the fact that the Social Media and college students are a susceptible and gullible combination. The internet is a place that is full of lies and the students do not understand that in believe in whatever is written, available or what they can see on the internet. It is time, that they understand the major Negative effect of Social Media on college students. The students trust others and transfer money to unknown fraudsters who pose as other people and befriend them and cyber crimes. Every passing day, new kinds of cyber related crimes are being invented ad practiced

Maluse of Data and Pictures:

College students have a tendency of sharing their bio data online and also upload there pictures on the internet and on various platforms of social media. People with bad intention can easily access their data, download the same and use it to their own advantage. People do not realize that the same can be doctored in such a manner that it can cause both reputation loss as well as embarrassment to the college students. A number of cybercrime related concerns have been raised where innocent pictures have been doctored to other people’s bad intentions. This can be said as a major negative effect of the presence of social Media.

Monetary Loss:

Many college students are known to believe in using social media and monetary loss. However, these payment sites allow data leakage that might cause financial loss. This is another massive negative effect of Social Media on College students.


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