The exercising after Heart Attack should be done very carefully and also would lead the requirement of soft approach towards the activities post the attack. The exercise pattern for such person completely get decided by the doctor. This is very important for the person who has survived the heart attack as the pressure due to the exercises done would not be good for the person. There has to be a balanced way of dealing with the body as it would not take the hefty stroke when it happens during the movement of the body. There can be a lot of issues that might be erupting during the usual activities that are done by the person who survived the attack, and these have to be slow and steady. The heart cannot take more pressure and hence, the exercises are just to make the muscles flexible and not giving the stress on them.

The exercises that are suggested by the heart specialists:

The exercises after cardiac arrest that are suggested by the specialists in heart should be very simple and comfortable for the patient. First of the confidence to be healthy always is imbibed in the patient’s mind. Once that is done, the exercises like walking, cycling (as prescribed by the specialist). Walking for at least a minimum of three minutes initially and then slowly increase to ten minutes and continuing for twenty minutes would be a ‘healthy positioning’ towards the healthy life for the survivors. While doing this the rate at which the pulse is should be tested accordingly and continued as per the doctor’s advice.

The requirement of the props for exercise:

There are wristbands that are told to be used by the doctors, and that would reduce the risk of getting the attack again or help in curing the disease. Exercising with person you know or friends and relatives would make it more exciting and fruitful. This is because the agony that would have caused the attack or even the cholesterol that is bad in the body would be melted due to the routine of the exercise that is done by the person. There are exercises after heart attack. You can also make sure that the pressure on the heart is not too much by meditating which one of the best ways to keep your mind calm and comfortable. This will surely increase the strength of the mind which controls the body, and the body would also be reactively happy to it.

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