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Looking for good health care can be difficult during everyday circumstances, which is less than getting an abortion. Therefore, it is sensible that you could jump at anyone’s offer, so you can figure out your options. Unfortunately, it might push you to go to a crisis pregnancy center (CPC).

Normally, CPCs do not really perform abortions like abortion clinics. They provide counseling for an anti-choice standpoint, trying to discourage people from getting an abortion. Most of the time, they focus on those who have a hard time getting the right medical care.

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What Exactly are CPCs?

The CPCs are known as anti-choice facilities that normally represent themselves such as licensed health care facilities, genuine women health centers, and abortion clinics. However, the facilities do not have a license to give health care and they provide misinformation about pregnancy. This is to take them away from the thought of getting an abortion.

CPC: Prevalence, Types of Services, and Objectives

There are CPCs in at least 84 countries. About 2,500 CPCs operate in the US alone, which is more than 3 times the number of facilities there that provide abortion care. Most of them are linked with national religious organizations against abortion and contraception. The primary mission of CPC is to discourage women from getting an abortion.

Health Information and Services Provided by CPC

Normally, CPCs get volunteers to be their staff that did not undergo medical training or licensure. However, some centers get licensed medical professionals to become their paid staff. The CPCs prioritize on their religious beliefs compared to the needs of their client’s need and preferences that prevail medical guidelines. These centers do not give informed consent and services that are evidence-based. CPCs do not follow medical standards. National guidelines show a main set of family planning services, so they can minimize any missed opportunities for prevention and care.

How to Find out if a Facility is CPC

CPCs put themselves strategically so they can trick their potential clients. They normally set up close to legitimate women’s health centers in order to confuse women even more.

In a waiting room, informational pamphlets focus on the dangers or risks of abortion and contraception.

The staff does not show themselves as medical practitioners, and they will call the fetus as the “baby”. In addition, they will refer to the pregnant woman as a “mother.” Normally, they use rhetoric terms like “murder” and “killing” when they describe abortion.

All they can do is give you free sonograms and tests. They will make you come back several times, until your clock for reproductive options run out. You will then be left with nothing else to do.

Do not go for CPCs, and always choose in-office abortion dc to ensure you get the right procedure.

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