It’s that time of the year again when allergies are hitting you hard, when you least expect it. But have you ever wondered if allergies weaken your immune system? What do allergy physicians say about this? Well, let’s find out.

What Is The Immune System?

Your body has a natural defense mechanism against foreign bodies in your bloodstream. This is your body’s immune system. Any foreign bodies or intruders which enter your body through your nose, ears, eyes or through your blood, needs to be fought off by the antibodies.

Antibodies are like the police of your body, they help to keep the intruders out from your body, and if somehow the intruders enter your body, it’s up to the antibodies to fight them off and destroy them, so that they don’t cause any more harm to your health or your organs. So, the immune system plays a very important role in keeping your body healthy.

To keep your immune system up and running in a perfect condition, you need to eat a balanced diet, have a good exercise schedule and have resistance against diseases. Only then, will you be able to overcome different diseases. It is the right way to defeat COVID-19 too.

Allergies And The Immune System

Let’s talk about allergies and how our immune system reacts to them.

How Is Immune System Affected By Allergies?

Allergies are caused by certain agents called allergens. Allergens are things like dust, pollen, animal fur, hay, insects and more. These allergens go inside the body and they trigger certain reactions in your body. This reaction is basically the response of your immune system to the allergen or foreign bodies which have entered into your bloodstream or the respiratory system. Reactions like sneezing, shortness of breath, formation of red bumps on the skin, itchy rashes, etc. is nothing but the response of your immune system against the triggers and allergens. If it’s triggered through pollen, it’s called pollen allergy, if through dust, then dust allergy, and so on.

Your immune system is basically trying to fight off the allergens with all their might, while producing resistance against the allergens in your body as well.

Allergies Are Not Tied To Age

Allergies are not related to age. Allergies can occur in a toddler or in an aged person. There are certain people who have little resistance against allergens like pollen, dust, hay, animal fur and insect bites as compared to other people, this is why their bodies or their immune system has a rapid reaction to the allergens as soon as they enter the body. Older people have lesser immunity than younger people. So, the bottom line here is that you should keep your immunity up to be able to fight off allergies. A strong immune system will get you through allergies with a lot more ease.

The Battle Between The Antibodies And The Allergens

The reactions you experience from allergens are basically a battle between the allergen and the antibodies inside your bloodstream. The antibodies are trying to keep the allergens at bay, hence your body becomes reacted and as a result, you sneeze, lose your breath, wheeze, etc. The reactions can also occur on your skin, like red rashes, puss filled bumps, itchy and dry patches on parts of your body and more. Your immunity will get stronger as you keep fighting against these allergens. Your body will develop more antibodies to fight off more allergens so you can build some sort of resistance against the foreign bodies.

Are Allergies Bad For Immune System?

Well, this statement has two sides. One side says that you get allergies because your immune system is weak. The other side says that your immunity will grow stronger if you have reactions. Both of these statements are true. Your body does build better immunity against other triggers if you have resistance and ability to fight them off.

Reactions are your body’s natural defense mechanism against different allergens which enter your body. So, you should take necessary precautions to avoid allergic reactions, and if they happen, your body will take care of it.

There you have it! Allergies are no fun and they can be hard on you especially in the summer and winter months. They are basically triggers for your body to feel as though something is not right. However, find allergy doctor Manassas if you experience a severe allergic reaction.

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