A furnace is the only thing keeping you warm during the winter season. You would not want it to break down when the weather is unbearable. Furthermore, if your furnace is not producing enough heat, it will be of no use. There could be several reasons contributing to these problems. They could both be minor and major. Regardless, before you call a furnace repair expert, you should run a checklist in an attempt to solve the problem. Check out the helpful tips mentioned below to save you time and money.

Check The Thermostat

This is an obvious mistake but believe it or not many people tend to make this naïve mistake with their furnace. Setting the wrong thermostat setting will lead to poor performance. Make sure that your thermostat of your furnace is set to heat. If your furnace is acting fishy, this is the first check that you should run. If you are living with your family, it might be that someone had changed the setting or was done accidentally. In addition to that, set the thermostat to a temperature that will turn on the furnace.

Filter Issues

Then again, this is one of the issues that people mostly tend to overlook and ignore. Filter related issues are quite common and for some reason, people do not seem to get their heads around it. Air filters are designed to clean the air that enters the furnace as well as your house. It is an important component of its breathing system. Therefore, if it is clogged or dirty, the furnace will produce excessive pressure, causing it to heat up. Although newer furnaces today are designed to automatically shut down when they sense that the air filter is too dirty but you should always inspect it especially if the weather has been extreme.

Check The Batteries

While some furnaces have their thermostats connected to the electrical system of the house, others have it connected to the batteries. In such cases, you will need to find out how your furnace is powered. If the furnace is powered by batteries, then you will need to measure the voltage. A weak battery will not provide sufficient power for the thermostat to work properly.

Check For Power Issues

If your furnace is being powered by electricity, then you might want to check the thermostat’s fan switch. It will usually be either set to ‘ON’ or ‘Auto’. If the setting is on ‘Auto’ it means that the fan will automatically turn on once the furnace turns on. If you want to be sure, turn the switch to ‘ON’ and if the fan is working fine, then you can rule out any issues related to the fan.

Check The Circuit Breaker

After running the above-mentioned checks, it is now time to move towards inspecting the circuit breaker, which is directly connected to your furnace, and running it. Check to see if it is in the ‘OFF’ position or the middle. Turn the switch to the ‘ON’ position. If the furnace starts working, you are good to go. It might be that fluctuating voltage could have tripped the circuit breaker.

Check The ‘Other’ Switch

In some cases, furnaces have another switch, aptly known as the ‘Furnace Switch’. It is basically a power switch for the furnace that resembles a light switch. It could be found installed either on the unit itself or a nearby wall. Since it resembles a light switch and is unlabeled as well most of the time, people can mistakenly turn it off. Therefore, turn it on, give it a few minutes and see if the furnace turns on.

Check The Gas Valve

If nothing else works, then this step is your last hope of fixing the furnace yourself. Simply check if the gas valve is turned on or off. Locate the nearest gas cock or the one that leads to the furnace. Check to see if it is releasing gas. However, do not bring any inflammable material close. If you observe that gas is being fed to the furnace, then you can be sure that the gas line is not the problem.

Final Word

If you are not able to bring your furnace to life, it is now time to call a furnace repair service ronkonkoma. Do not play around with complex and sensitive components. Otherwise, you could end up causing more damage than the problem itself. Consulting a heating technician should be your preference in such cases.

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