Tower cranes are heavy machinery that is mostly used at construction sites. These machines require an operator to lift massive amounts of loads such as concrete, steel, and other items like generators, etc. Mainly used for lifting and transporting capacity from one place to another, crane rentals offer tower cranes of different shapes and sizes depending on the job at hand. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to discuss types of tower cranes and how they differ from each other.

Static Tower Crane

A static tower crane as the name suggests features a static body. It covers a very limited area and from its fixed position can lift and move heavy loads easily from one place to another. Furthermore, these cranes can be set at varying heights up to their maximum free-standing height.

Rail-Mounted Tower Crane

Rail-mounted tower cranes feature a comparatively larger coverage area since these cranes are mounted on rails that allow them to travel along their tracks carrying heavy loads. However, with these cranes, the height requirement should not exceed the free-standing height limit recommended by the manufacturer.

Furthermore, if there is some work being done on the tracks, the crane work will be disturbed. This is the only downside to using rail-mounted tower cranes.

Self-Erecting Crane

Typically, self-erecting cranes tend to be completely self-contained and can be driven on roads as well. These cranes are designed to erect and dismantle rapidly. However, they cannot be driven while they are fully erected and cannot handle loads while traveling as well.

Crawling Tower Crane

Crawling tower cranes are transported on a low-roader or utilize special road axles to be towed while traveling on public roads. Once they are at the worksite, they possess the capability to travel over a flat, firm, and level ground. Furthermore, they can also travel in a partially elected state but without any load.

Things To Consider When Choosing On A Tower Crane

If you are planning to use a tower crane for your construction project, it is important to consider a number of key factors.

Capacity Required

Depending on what you need the tower crane for, the model or design will vary. If you intend to use your crane for lifting buckets of concrete, then you should opt for a light model. However, if you wish to use the crane for lifting heavy equipment such as the generator or large steel members you will need to choose a comparatively heavy tower crane.

Space Availability

The next important thing to consider while installing a tower crane is considering the availability of space. You would not want to end up in a situation where your crane has arrived and you do not have enough space for it to move around. Therefore, it is suggested that you thoroughly and carefully inspect the area and take measurements if required. Furthermore, remove any items, materials, and objects to ensure that the crane does not hit them. This will free up some space at the same time instead of squeezing it.

Flight Paths

Although most people are not concerned with planes flying above their heads, if you are planning to install a tower crane in an area where there is an airport nearby, you might need to acquire a special permit. Otherwise, you will land in serious trouble with the law. Consult with your local flight authority to ensure that you comply with the laws and regulations.

Installation And Removal

When it comes to installing and removing heavy machinery such as tower cranes, the process can be very difficult. Therefore, when you are planning out your crane location, you need to consider the installation and removal as well. You will not want to install your crane in a location where it becomes difficult for you to remove it later on. This could delay your finishing phases.

Moreover, if you have multiple tower cranes working at your site, then it is better if you sequence and schedule the removal as well as the installation. This will clear up the area within due time instead of making the management make a run for it.

Final Word

Tower cranes are heavy and expensive machines. While they are used in huge construction projects, you must consider the key factors outlined above to make the process safe for you and for the crane services VA involved. And always make sure that you follow the law.

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