Have you ever wondered how celebrities manage to get such dramatic hair transformations? Well, today we are going to tell you their secret. Mostly, this is because of the straightening treatments that they get. They go to hair straightening salons every few months and choose treatments like the Brazilian blowout.

Now you might ask, what is Brazilian blowout? And should you get this treatment? This is exactly what we are going to answer for you in this article.

Before moving on to the potential benefits of Brazilian treatment, let us see what it is.

What is Brazilian Treatment?

Brazilian treatment is simply a liquid keratin formula. It is quite similar to the regular keratin treatment but offers less straightening and is more leaning towards making your hair frizz free.

Once your hair is free from frizz, it will automatically attain some amount of straightening. However, it will not make your hair straight as a stick. As a result of this, Brazilian blowout is a less harsh treatment which is suitable for people with wavy hair or just minor curls.

However, note that it may not be suitable for people who have very aggressive curls in their hair.

Now, let us consider the benefits of the Brazilian treatment.

Benefits of Brazilian treatment

There are many benefits of this treatment. This is especially true if you do not have aggressively curly hair. So, once you get the Brazilian treatment, your hair will get an unmatched shine and will become silky straight.

Once your frizz is gone, your hair will look as if they have undergone a big transformation. And finally, they will look as good as those Instagram beauty queens.

But unlike hair transplants, such treatments do not last forever. Once new hair replaces your old hair, the results will quickly vanish away. Still, 6 – 8 months is enough time to enjoy the affects of hair treatments like these.

Shinier hair

The best benefit of Brazilian blowout is that it gives you shinier hair. So, if you have dull and frizzy hair, then you shall consider getting this treatment.

Just like the keratin for hair treatment, Brazilian blowout also involves the use of keratin. In fact, many salons use these names interchangeably. However, there are some subtle difference between both these techniques.

Your hair is manageable

Yet another benefit of Brazilian blowout is that it makes it easy for you to manage your hair. So, you can simply tie your hair up in a braid or let it all loose. And you will have nothing to worry about.

This is true, regardless the style you are choosing. You will definitely be able to rock it! In case you love to rock a wide range of hairstyles, then Brazilian blowout is a suitable treatment for your hair. Furthermore, it will also give you a straighter look for several months due to the use of keratin in it.

Retains natural hair texture

Once the chemicals that are used in this treatment get removed away in 6 – 8 months, the original texture of your hair will return. So, Brazilian blowout is a semi-permanent hair treatment. Nevertheless, most permanent treatments fall within this semi-permanent category so worry not, it is almost the same thing.


Brazilian Blowout treatment is highly suitable for people who want straight, shiny, and frizz-free hair. This is something that most women look for.

But before you go to a hair extensions salon Potomac, or hair straightening salon, it is very important to consider the quality of the salon. Essentially, you should be choosing the highest quality salon only. So, do not forget to read reviews before choosing.


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