Do you love your hair unconditionally? Well, if you do, know that you may not have them on your hair forever. After all, you cannot really change your genes. Medical technology has not gone that far yet. However, worry not! Even if you end up losing some or most of your hair down the line, there are a number of hair restoration procedures available. Among these procedures, hair transplant is the most popular one.

This is a procedure that a big number of people are curious about. This is firstly, because hair transplants are referred to as a permanent solution to get the lost hair back. Secondly, it is fantasized by a big number of men. However, most people seem to have very unrealistic expectations when it comes to hair transplants.

Is hair transplant surgery even worth it?

So, have you been wondering if transplant surgeries are even worth it? Well, know that you are not alone. This is a place where a big number of men and women have been. While not all men get a transplant and choose to go full bald like Vin Diesel, others choose to settle with a surgery.

However, in many cases, depending on the extent of the hair loss, a single hair surgery does not bring the desired results. Rather, multiple appointments and sessions have to be scheduled in order to see some significant results. Again, this would depend on an individual’s extent of hair loss due to genetic or other reasons such as excessive hair treatments.

Furthermore, most doctors would recommend patients to wait until most of their hair have fallen out and the hair loss has become stable. This is because otherwise, the hair that have to fall will continue to fall out even after the procedure. Hence, the patient will simply be left with weird bald patches. Ultimately, he will have to go into another session to fill those bald patches.

Do hair transplants work?

Well, these surgeries are far more effective as compared to the over the counter restoration products that are available in medical stores. However, one must consider a range of factors here.

It is important to note that somewhere between 10 to 80 percent of the hair that has been transplanted will grow back fully in 3 – 4 months. However, just like normal hair, transplanted hair also carry the tendency to get thinned over time.

With that, most doctors will also recommend a plasma therapy in order to help the transplanted hair grow back fully. Though it is important to know that hair transplant procedures will not really work for everyone. They are mainly for those people who are thinning or balding naturally. Also, they are suitable for those have lost their hair due to an accident.

Hair transplants are usually done with the existing hair. So, they are not suitable for those who have very widespread baldness and thinning in their head. Also, they will not work for those who have had hair loss due to certain medications or chemotherapy. Furthermore, if one has thick scars on the scalp due to an injury or an accident, hair transplant may not work.

Ending note

Hair transplants can cost anywhere from $4000 to $15000 in one session. Ultimately, the cost of this would depend on the availability of surgeons, experience of the doctor, and the extent of the procedure. With that, it is important to note that hair transplants are not really cheap. Rather, they are expensive procedures. So, before deciding to get a hair transplant surgery, consult with your doctor. See if there are alternate treatments that are more effective for you, and whether a transplant is likely to work for you.

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