Keratin is a rich protein that your hair naturally possess but due to a number of reasons, you are prone to falling short of it. Keratin treatment ensures to re-instill this protein in our hair via an artificial method.  Right below, we have dissected the pros and cons of Keratin treatment which might help you decide whether to visit a keratin treatments salon in near future or not.

Pros of Keratin Treatment

No Compromise on Safety

Keratin treatment does not pose any threat to the very nature of your hair. It does not tend to cause any harm to the sum and substance of your hair. The color, thickness and gleam of your hair is least likely to get affected by this treatment.

Back To Original

Keratin treatment is not a forever-to-stay kind of thing. After a couple of months, your hair may drift back into their original shape. You will never lose the originality of your hair. You will have to revise the treatment four times a year if you want to maintain frizz-free hair.

Apt For All Hair Type

Keratin treatment does not discriminate against any specific hair type. It suits all types of hair and henceforth it is feasible for every man jack.

Bid Adieu to Twirls, Curls and Kinks

You can do away with frizzy, kinky and twirling hair if you opt for Keratin treatment. It is the most reliable way to get rid of twirls and tangles for at least 3 months. Though, the treatment is not likely to last for more than 90 days.

Repairs the Damage Sun and Pollution Cause

Due to our hectic daily routine, we are unable to stop few external factors from affecting our hair in a disastrous way. Therefore, our hair got to be rehabilitated once in a while. Keratin treatment promises to repair the damage done by sun and pollution to a satisfying extent.

Styling Is No Longer a Toilsome Task

You can style your hair differently almost every day after this treatment. As your hair get frizz-free, you can mold them diversely without working really hard. Hair-styling becomes a piece of cake after you go through keratin treatment.

Cons of Keratin Treatment

Artificially-Made Protein

Keratin is a protein that our hair essentially carry, but there’s a number of things causing its decrease. Keratin treatment can re-implant this protein in the hair but not to forget, it is obtained by artificial means.

After-Care Is a Requisite

You don’t get done with your frizzy hair this easily. Keratin treatment requires a good deal of after-care. You are obliged to use sulfate-free hair products in order to maintain the perks and privileges of this treatment. On a side note, sulfate-free hair products can make your frizz-free hair last longer than usual.

The Tenure of Frizz-Free Hair Isn’t Long-Lasting

It is a short-term solution for your frizzy hair, this treatment cannot mend your kinked hair forever. Keratin treatment and its effects last no longer than 3 months. A number of revisions would be required to keep your hair untangled and frizz-free 365 days a year.

Second-Class Treatments Are the Menace You Need To Beware Of

Not every other salon is equipped with the resources of the first order. A select-few salons are using second-class apparatuses which might or might not be up to scratch. Below-the-par chemicals can damage your hair to an irreparable extent, hence, you are advised to be watchful of the second-rate stuff.

Expert Supervision Is a Must

A dabbler might provide extra heat to your hair during the treatment; this increase in quantity might just get the results wrong. Therefore, keep the dabblers at an arm’s length. Go for a professional stylist.

A Big No-No for the Women Who Are Expecting

Some chemicals are used in this treatment that can negatively affect the health of the baby in the womb. Even the stylists and hair dressers are extraordinarily careful while running the procedure; they are trained to be hawk-eyed of the chemicals that can cause any sort of damage to the human skin.

Benefits for People with Straight Hair Are Zilch

Keratin treatment by hair stylist is meant for people with curly, frizzy and wavy hair. People who already have perfectly straight hair should steer clear of this treatment; they might get their hair damaged via this treatment. An excessive amount of keratin in the hair might disfeature your hair, so, give a wide berth to it if you are already blessed with straight hair. hypno

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