Planning a backyard pool in your house?

Who doesn’t love the idea of a swimming pool design and build in their backyard? Owning a swimming pool is a huge investment not because of money but also the time involved. But before you jump into constructing this permanent addition to your home, read the pros and cons of adding a pool to your house.


INVESTMENT RETURNS – Having a swimming pool adds to the resale value of your house. A buyer is more likely to be attracted to your house because of a pool.

IT’S PARTY TIME – Pool parties, especially during summer, can be a lot of fun, especially with children around. They are also great for large gatherings.

FOR A FIT FAMILY– Doing exercise inside water is not only a fun-filled activity but can also prevent from injuries. In fact, many instructors prefer water for doing exercise.

BE A COOL PARENT – Children tend to gravitate with friends when they hit their teens. You can get your children to spend time with their friends in the swimming pool. This way you can keep a watch on them.


INSTALLATION COSTS – Whether you want fiberglass, concrete or vinyl pool, you will have to spend thousands of dollars to dig up the place for the pool. If you are going for concrete pool, then you cannot have a functioning backyard for the next 2 to 3 months. Apart from this, you’ll also have to spend dollars on pool pump, filter, games and toys, floating rafts, lounge chairs, etc. Also a pool fence, pool cover and alarm is a must.

MAINTENANCE COST – Once your pool is ready, you have to think about daily, weekly or monthly maintenance. Check the pH balance of the water for acid and alkaline levels otherwise people can fall sick. If you have concrete pool, then there could be issues of algae growth. A better option would be to hire a pool design contractor.

RISK OF MEETING WITH ACCIDENTS – It is better to have an adult supervision when children are around. Ensure there are safety measures like alarm, child-proof gate, etc. The gate should be locked when there are no adults around. In case your friends or neighbors children get hurt, you could be held responsible. Have your insurance in place.

Swimming pools can be a great addition to your home, but do a thorough research of pros and cons before you approach the dealer.

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