When homeowners get trees removed from their property, they often don’t realize the importance of stump removal. Old stumps not only detract the aesthetic appeal of your yard but they pose many potential problems in terms of the health of your landscape. Removal of old and decay stumps is equally important as the removal of old and diseased trees.

Why stump removal is recommended?

One of the most irresistible reasons to think about stump removal is safety. If you have stumps at your property, it can be a liability. Stumps pose tripping risk to both children and adults. It means if someone trips and fall at your property, you may have to deal with the personal injury lawsuits. Furthermore, stumps have a tendency to trap the lawn mower when it passes by. This could damage your mower or injure you.

Stump roots can grow over time. The root penetration can cause a significant amount of damage to foundation of your home and hardscape elements of your yard. When left unhandled, over time the tree roots burgeon in diameter, and they can crack or even lift your driveways, sidewalk and other paved areas. Thus, stump removal can save you from expensive damages on the road.

Over a period of time, old stump start drying and decaying. Diseases and fungi infections attract the insects like bees, beetle, hornets, termites and wasps towards the stump. Although many of these insects will not be visible to you from naked eyes, they rapidly spread in your yard. This also poses threat of disease to other healthy plants and trees of your yard.

Another important reason for removing stump is aesthetic appeal of your home and yard. Dead and decayed stumps look really very bad and spoil the curb appeal of your home. They can even lower the value of your property.

Hire Stump Removal Company

Stump removal is not as easy as tree trimming, pruning or cutting. It requires a lot of efforts to completely remove the stump from your yard. Moreover, only special tools and equipment are used for stump removal. So, you should always consider hiring a stump removal company to accomplish this task.

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