Removing can be a very challenging, and often dangerous task. While most people rely on tree removal services for this job, some people take it in their own hands. Indeed, removing a tree on your own is not a great idea. This is because there are a dozen things that can go wrong.

Hence, taking matters in your own hands should be the last resort. However, sometimes it is necessary to do so. In this regard, it is very important to take some safety tips into consideration. If you are going to remove trees on your own, better do it in a safe way.

Five safety tips for tree removal

Many people think that tree removal is as simple as using a chainsaw and hoping that the tree doesn’t fall on the house. In reality, it can be quite a complicated process.

In this article, we introduce a number of safety tips that you must consider.

Make an inspection of the tree before you begin

It is very important to inspect the entire tree before you start cutting it. In case you are worried that the tree is rotting, consider talking to an arborist first in order to get it examined.

Remember that trees are very complex organisms. Hence, cutting off a healthy tree in your vicinity should be the last resort.

Make sure that you are using the right equipment

Tree trimming or cutting requires the use of some specialized equipment along with personal protective equipment. Whether the tree is big or small, one should never begin without proper equipment.

Personal protective equipment for tree removal includes strong work boots, goggles, and strong helmets. Moreover, make use of thick safety gloves so that your hand does not get scratched by the wood.

Moreover, wear a visible reflective vest so that people around the area can see you working.

Read the equipment directions

Each piece of equipment for tree removal comes with its own set of instructions and directions. The use of this equipment is not very simple. For instance, there are a number of usage guidelines for chainsaws. After all, a chainsaw is a very dangerous piece of gear and should be used with great caution. Otherwise, it could be a huge hazard to you and those around you.

Inspect the environment

Do you have kids playing around? Can the tree fall on your house or in someone else’s property when it is cut down? If yes, then consider staying away from the job and call a tree removal expert. Otherwise, it could be very fatal for you and the people near you which includes your own family and the neighbors.

Moreover, consider the physics of removing trees. Are you sure where the tree will fall when it is cut down? Even if it is a small tree, clear the entire area off first and make sure that everyone is off-limits.

Moreover, if there are electric lines nearby, then it is better to not to do the job on your own. In this regard, you should reach out to tree cutting services. Otherwise, you could cause a fire or put your life in danger.

Once a tree has fallen, debris and broken branches from the tree may fly around. So, make sure that everyone gets away from the area as quickly as possible in order to minimize the chances of injury.

Ending note

The only key for safe tree removal is to stay very vigilant and to use the right equipment in the correct manner. Most people are not trained to do the latter, and this is exactly why we recommend expert help.


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