HVAC Maintenance Tips

All homeowners at some point of time have to perform some type of air conditioner troubleshooting. This might happen while you hear noises coming from the condensing unit or air handler or have no cooling from your system. The usual problems which would require air conditioner troubleshooting are discussed hereunder.

Failure of the condenser fan motor

In case you hear noise generating from the exterior condensing unit, you can check whether it is being produced from the compressor or from the fan motor. This can be done by watching whether the fan blade is rotating or not and found heated when touched with the tips of finger. This usually indicates that fan motor is not working. Sometimes cooling is not being done with even distribution and for this purpose you should check out your duct work within the attic for probable hole or separation that might let out cool air inside the attic.   

The unit does not become cool enough

The problem occurs owing to lack of maintenance or a clogged air filter. It might happen owing to a refrigerant leak also. In case you have undergone AC maintenance very recently and you are definite that the air filter is free from any sorts of dirt then you should contact a service provider for the purpose of air conditioner troubleshooting and making further check up of the cooling system.

On and off short cycling of the compressor

This problem may be caused owing to presence of low refrigerant within the system. Prior to contacting a service provider to conduct a leak test for the system, you should yourself try to clean the condensing coils at first. You will find that the most common cause of majority air conditioner troubleshooting is presence of dirt. As it is the air filter that attracts all the foreign substances within the air, you require changing them very often to prevent the entry of dirt from accessing into the unit. Conducting a preventative maintenance for two times annually is ideal to operate your system efficiently and keeping it clean. This would help protect unforeseen breakdowns of the unit particularly in summer season when the demand is in its peak.

The supply of power

HVAC troubleshooting starts by making sure that there is supply in the system and it is running. This does not require confirming that each component is working, however, you should confirm that air is passing through the system of vent and unit outside is particularly linked to a running power supply. Therefore, in case you find no clicks, no hums, no airflow and absence other signs of power, you should check the breaker box around air conditioner equipment and the basic house mains. This is one means of making AC troubleshooting.

For the purpose of HVAC troubleshooting or AC troubleshooting, you would not have to rush to the maintenance service provider always, and some preliminary checking on your part can resolve this problem on many occasions. Ensuring about the flow of power and removing the accumulated dust often creates the problem.

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