For most of the parents, the prospect to come up with an exciting birthday party idea is an anxiety inducing experience. But don’t worry as some of the great party ideas along with professional party planners helps to make your kid’s celebration a memorable event.

Don’t take stress as it makes a perfect birthday party take all the fun out of the special day. Just nail down all the party logistics of when and where to host the party. Make a guest list and more importantly, the party theme. And lastly, to ensure that the guests are well entertained with cake and snacks and other entertainment activities.

All you need for an excellent birthday party is a dash of creativity to convert a ho-hum race into a cow-boy ride-off and then from a scavenger hunt to an underwater quest to get a lost treasure that fits into the chosen theme.

One of the great birthday ideas for party of all ages includes crazy races. Relay races, couple races and other fast-paced competitions as per the age group of kids can be planned. For the younger kids, this can be played as good parent-child activities as well.


Try to incorporate your party theme into the races. Obstacle courses acts as crowd pleasers but this may require enough of preparation on your end. For tween girls, you could set up a glamour course with all make up and jewelry.The girls need to apply their make-up, fix their hair and toss up all other accessories as fast as they can.


Another interesting idea could be treasure hunt. Kids of all ages get excited on knowing that they have to go to a specific location and a surprise awaits there. The party host can make hunting expeditions, scavenger hunts or treasure hunts but make sure to offer some snacks and give time to your guests to relax and then again search around for surprise gifts.

All these activities can be paired with party themes. In case you are planning a pirate treasure hunt, then use eye patches and make sailor hats to start the game and make it more fun. In a birthday party of a girl, adorable fairies can be decorated with construction paper winds and magic wands in a pirate’s party.

In summers, kids love water-themed parties and this theme makes a great birthday party ideas for kids of all ages. Water balloon toss, water gun hide ‘n’ seek and hose limbo are some of the best water theme party game ideas. Still worried? Then go to hire professional party organizers to make your child’s birthday a great fun.

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