Brazilian blowout is a highly innovative hair smoothening treatment. During the summer season, the humidity in weather can cause real harm to the hair. Women having fizzy and dry hair will face a whole lot of problem while exposed to strong humid conditions. The blowout keratin treatment helps in smoothing the hair follicles and improves the hair condition.

Why opt for a Brazilian blowout treatment?

This kind of a treatment helps in making the hair smooth and shiny, allowing it to be more radiant and easily manageable. Using different kinds of aldehyde and formaldehyde formulas, the hair is made smooth, frizz free, and perfectly tamed. But you can still curl, extend, or do flat ironing in spite of the blowout treatment. There will never be any negative impact on the hair.

The working procedure of Brazilian Blowout

During this treatment, a certain protective coating is formed around the entire hair region, thus sealing in the hair cuticles. This helps in producing a certain kind of shiny mane. During this treatment, the hair is first shampooed prior to the application of the formulated mixture. Once applied, the hair is heated with flat iron at extreme temperature. This process is repeated for a couple of time to ensure that the product gets perfectly sealed on to the hair shaft. Then the hair is left for 90 minutes. After this procedure, hair becomes straight, smooth, and shinier. There is a special ACAI product that must be used as a necessary aftercare policy. This will help in retaining the hair condition as frizz free, manageable, and smooth for nearly 12 weeks. Brazilian blowout products don’t comprise of any sulfate that may be extremely harmful to the hair.

Safety is assured

Brazilian Blowout treatment promises to be extremely safe on the hair. It comprises of minute amount of formaldehyde and there is safety gears used during the process. Gloves and air purifying systems are used to circulate out chemical gas while being heated on hair. A mask can be worn for better level of protection. This treatment process is highly detrimental to the hair stylist than the client. After all, it is the stylist who gets directly exposed to the gas during the process. These days, the hair stylists also wear mask while carrying out the process as a safety measure.


This special Brazilian hair straightening treatment will cost somewhere in the range of $100 – $500 depending entirely on the length of the hair as well as the products being used.

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