Where on one hand, a good tint job increases the aesthetic appeal of a car, nothing ruins it as much as a bad tint job. It is indeed no less than a nightmare to see streak of bubbles visible in a purplish film. It looks quite unattractive, and rather embarrassing. In this regard, it is very important for car owners to only go to the best window tint shops. However, how do we exactly tell the difference between a good and a bad tint job?

Telling the difference between a good and a bad tint job

Well, there are a number of ways in which we can differentiate a good tint job from a bad one. In this article, we introduce all of these ways. This is to ensure that you are not settling for anything but the best. These include:

Clean and small edges

A good tint has very clean and small edges. So, if you want to tell if a window tint is good, see if the film is consistent near the edge. Usually, the best tint film installers have templates that are cut from computerised technology. As a result of this, it is highly accurate. In comparison, poor window tint jobs usually have a significant gap near the edge.

Purple is bad

Sometimes, car tints turn purple as they get older. This, however, only happens with cheaper window films. On the other hand, films that are expensive and are designed to last forever, rarely ever turn purple. This is quite a common problem, though. When you go out on the road, you can see literally a dozen tinted cars with purple tints. You must have also seen how bad they look!

Tiny bubbles

Sometimes, tiny bubbles show up in the window tint that totally distort the entire view of the passengers. Without a doubt, these bubbles are a major red flag. So, whenever you see bubbles in a window tint, know that it is a result of a poor tint job.

On the other hand, good film installers will ensure that the risk of bubbles is very minimal or non-existent. In low quality films, bubbles can form within 6 months or less of making a purchase. This happens when the adhesive which is used to bind the tint with the window starts losing its strength. As a result of this, air finds its way inside, resulting in small and ugly bubbles.

Essentially, a tinted car should look very sleek and attractive when it is parked in your house patio. However, it would look extremely unattractive if the tints have tiny bubbles trapped inside.

The dot matrix

Sometimes, we see window tints that stick well at some spots but not so nicely on other spots. This results in a very ugly looking zig-zag line. This has the potential to ruin the entire look of the car. So, this is yet another sign of a bad tint job. Often at times, installers try to fill these gaps with glue. While this may work for a month or two, this method is likely to produce nasty results in less than a year. Overall, it will ruin the aesthetic appeal of your car and it will look ugly on the roads. Indeed, this is something that you would want to avoid.

Ending note

Well, for as long as you are getting a high quality tint job, you do not have to worry. However, if you are purposely getting a poor tint job, know that you are in for a nasty ride! Nevertheless, good tint jobs are not always too expensive. By looking around, you may find an affordable car window tinting shop Springfield with great ease. When you are getting car tints, go for a service that is affordable and also delivers a high quality. In any case, cheaper tints should not even be in the equation!

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