Keratin treatment is a catchall term. The most popular treatment is the Brazilian Blowout that lasts about 3 months. There are other treatments that last up to 6 months, but are followed by 3 days of tough handling – no shampoo, no wearing hair bands or even putting sunglasses on top of your head.

Keratin treatment restores and restructures the hair by infusing a blend of hydrolyzed keratin into the cuticle, which turns the hair silky and smooth. But many of us would have noticed that the treatment lasts between 2 to 2½ months and for some women, it may not even last that long. It depends on the texture, density of the hair, shampoo, water and lifestyle habits (eating the right food). The color of the hair, texture and body differ from person-to-person and are determined mainly by genetics. Other factors that can prolong the effect of treatment are:

  • Avoid sodium and sulfate-based shampoos as these chemicals remove natural oil from the hair and affect the hair cuticles, thus making it dry and brittle.
  • Limit the use of a flat iron or blow drying as heat can spoil the hair. Use hair gels, styling creams, hair sprays that contain proteins and other nutrients.
  • Use a deep conditioner, comprising of B-complex vitamins, fatty acids, proteins, on a weekly basis to keep the hair healthy.
  • When it comes to swimming, an occasional dip will not spoil the treatment, but excess exposure can ruin it. In order for the treatment to last long, coat the hair with a sulfate free conditioner or serum. Wear a swimming cap before entering into a chlorinated pool.
  • Temperature, moisture, exposure to the sun also has an effect on the texture of hair. Use a UV protectant conditioner or serum to retain the shine and protect hair from the sun’s ray which can fade the keratin.
  • Avoid using silk or satin pillow covers because it can cause friction, tangling and breaking of the hair while asleep, thus delaying the benefits of the treatment.
  • Soon after the treatment, you can get a haircut to trim off the split ends.
  • If planning to color your hair, wait for a couple of weeks. Coloring your hair immediately after the treatment can remove keratin faster.

Visit your local hair salon and consult your hair stylist to find out what you need to do in order for the keratin treatment to last longer.

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