A wedding is incomplete without the couple’s first dance, and if you’re celebrating the occasion within the comforts of a breathtaking outdoor tent setting, a portable dance floor is a must have. Renting a portable dance floor for your outdoor wedding can be beneficial in the following ways:

  • It is usually made of wood or laminated flooring pieces that are joined together to make an ideal surface for dancing. They are lightweight and can be easily installed anywhere.
  • Installing a portable dance floor defines a space and encourages guests to join the dance floor.
  • Since the dance floor sections come in various sizes, you can order for a dance floor depending on the number of guests attending your wedding.
  • If you want to deviate from hardwood flooring, you can customize your dance floor – from personalized vinyl decals to over water dance floor to lighting to match the outdoor theme wedding. Vinyl flooring is less expensive than wood flooring; it is easier to clean and there is no maintenance problem. On the other hand, wooden floors are more formal and elegant looking. If you want the look of wood and cannot afford it, dance floors with wood laminate finish are also available and may be a budget friendly option. The shape of the dance floor can also be designed according to the wedding area.
  • If the surface is cracked or irregular due to sand, flagstone patio, etc. it is best to go for a portable dance floor. If you want to protect the lawn grass, installing a portable dance floor is advisable.
  • The border of portable dance floor usually has a trim edging that allows the guests to step on the floor safely.
  • Women who love to dance in their stilettos do not have to worry about their heel getting stuck or falling down. It is comfortable on your feet. Guests should not be encouraged to barefoot dancing because it is uncomfortable and unpleasant. You don’t have to lose sleep over your feet getting dirty or squashing an insect or stepping on spilled food/ drink. And if you have older people in your guest list, it is safer for them too.
  • If you have an open stretch of carpet, portable dance floor can help people gather together. It is difficult to dance and spin on uneven surfaces or grass.

If you are thinking of renting a portable dance floor for your outdoor wedding, get in touch with a dance floor rental company.

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