A brief look at Kids sleeps disorder

Sleep plays a significant role for children’s growth as it helps them to revitalize. Adequate rest and normal sleep patterns help kids to grow and become active. On the other hand, inadequate sleep affects the growth rate, leads to various health issues and slows down the development. Some people questions about can kids have sleep disorders? The answer is yes as kids who suffer from sleep disorders experience irritability, lack of concentration and in some cases hyperactive. During night, such children snore, toss and turn and convulsive. Make sure to discuss these symptoms with a sleep doctor to know the actual cause behind it.

Sleep disorders in kids are called by the term sleep apnea that occurs due to enlarged tonsils. This problem is more common in kids between the age of two and five but it can occur at any age. Snoring indicates sleep disorder but it doesn’t mean that any child who snores suffer from the problem of sleep apnea. A normal snoring obstructs the sleep pattern of a child and leads to inadequate sleep. A child suffering from sleep disorder snores loudly and snorts and then again starts snoring. In some cases, sweating also indicates sleep disorder. Seek a medical professional in case your child has breathing issues at night time. Always observe the changes in the symptoms and discuss with your medical practitioner.

Kids sleep disorder

The kids sleep disorder is dangerous as it poses health hazards to your child. The irregular sleep patterns make them awake at frequent intervals and stop them to get the therapeutic sleep that helps in better growth. Lack of sleep makes your child tired and reduces the concentration power. In rare cases, some children face difficulty to breathe while sleeping and cut oxygen off that puts strain on their body. Make sure to give the right type of treatment as ignorance leads to increase in the same problems for a longer duration.

The chances of sleep disorders are more in obese children but this does not rule out the chances of such disorder in average weight children. Inculcate the habit of eating healthy foods and establish routines that help them to sleep better. Consult your pediatrician in case you notice any type of sleep disorders in your child. All these statements clearly indicates that kids do suffer from sleep disorders.

Sleep apnea is one of the common sleep disorders in children. Make yourself aware of the child’s normal sleeping patterns and discuss symptoms or any other bodily changes you may notice in your child with your doctor and check as can kids have sleep disorders to take action at the right time.

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